Tuesday, 9 April 2019


As 99% of this planet's population, I love going on holiday. Unlike 99% of this planet's population, I am not a fan of beach holidays, but that's a story for another time. 

Today, I want to talk about the role that social media plays when we go on holiday. 

The sentence "Instagram or it didn't happen" is not far from reality. How will your friend's cousin's ex-girlfriend know that you went on a fabulous holiday to Bali if you don't share every single second of it on social media? You know, a few funny Insta Stories and a perfect yet candid slightly edited photo.

It almost seems like we go on holiday to have new backdrops for our photos. I have had enough of the streets of London, let me get a flight to Japan so I can get some cool content for the gram. I actually feel like if I said this to some of my friends they wouldn't think twice about it. Documenting your entire holiday (except the shit moments) has become a thing and it seems impossible to go away without feeling the need to share how much fun you're having with anyone. 

I will admit, I also do that all the time. Every single holiday I have been on in the past few year, I have taken a few thousand photos - ya know, need to make sure I have options. That was, until recently.

I usually travel with my sister or some of my closest friends, who like a good Instagram as much as I do, so it is kind of a given that we will be spending a few hours a day taking photos of each other in front of cool walls and famous landmarks. However, I recently went away with a friend who doesn't even have Instagram. Now, in the past, this hasn't stopped  me from still turning my holiday into a low key photoshoot, but this time I decided to take this opportunity and just enjoy the few days off work I had in the sun and in a new place.

It was life changing.

Of course, I did take some photos. I still wanted to document my experience for my future self and be able to look back at those memories. But I only took a total of 3 photos of myself, everything else was of the places we visited and it was mostly videos to be able to re-live that moment. 

It felt so liberating not giving a shit about whether or not I had the perfect photo to share on social media. My only concern was to enjoy myself and have a good time. And I certainly did. 

Now, I am not going to sit here and pretend like I will stop showcasing my next holiday because, let's be honest, I probably will. But now I know that 1) it is possible to go away without social media 2) it happened, whether it goes on Instagram or not.
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