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Up until recently I thought I didn't like workout classes. I hate to be told what to do in general, so the idea of being told how many burpees I had to do or how fast I had to run made workout classes very unappealing to me. 

In January, Classpass was offering a one month free trial and, because I love  free stuff, I decided to give it a go. 

Well... let's say their marketing worked because it's now two months later and I am hooked. 

Turns out, I actually love classes - specially morning classes. It gets me out of bed and wakes me up before work. It also means I have all my evenings free to do whatever I want! Since getting Classpass I have tried a few different classes around London so I thought I would share some of my favourites with you so you don't miss out.


I am obsessed. 

This is, by far, the best class I have ever been to in London. It's a 45 minute boxing class with some HIIT exercises in-between sets.  

The studio is really cool - think dark room, strobing lights and loud music. All the instructors I have had have been really good but there is one that stands out - his name is Luke and, if you can, try to go to one of his classes! It doesn't matter if it's a 6:30AM class or 7:30PM - he always makes me go above and beyond and work extra hard. 


I was very skeptical about the whole barre craze. I knew loads of people who swore by it but to me it just sounded like some sort of pilates - and I hate pilates.

However, I decided to give it a go and I actually quite enjoyed it and now try to go every so often as it is great to tone your muscles and get a really lean looking body. 

From the outside, it looks really easy but, trust me, it is some of the hardest exercises I have ever done. It absolutely kills you - I think I was sore for a good 5 days the first time I did it. It's essentially a lot of reps of the same ballet-inspired movements which kills your muscles but makes them look real good. 

The reason why I prefer their Express classes to their Signature ones is because they are a bit more fast-paced so they are more challenging as you don't get as much time to rest! 


I was about to write "this is the best spin class in London" but then I realised this is also the only spin class I have ever been to so... but it is really good, like really good. 

They make the class really fun and I love that you actually work your entire body by doing push ups and other movements on the bike. The playlists are also always on point, and the instructors make it so fun and they really motivate you! 


Right so I have very mixed feelings about this class.

Whenever I go all I do is think of going home. It is by far the hardest class I've ever done and I always feel like throwing up by the end of it - which I am not sure if it's a good thing or not to be honest. 

During the class you alternate running on the Skillmill and HIIT exercises which, let me tell you, it will absolutely defeat you and leave you on the floor. Unless you are ridiculously fit. 

But you know, it is definitely a good workout and if you are looking for a good sweat - this is it! 
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