Thursday, 6 September 2018


Even though I moved to London 5 years ago, I had never spent a summer here until now. Having grown up in Spain I had spent all my summer breaks at home in Mallorca but part of being an adult is getting a job, and jobs don't usually come with summer breaks sadly. 

Not going to lie I was dreading spending it here, I was expecting 15˚C max. and many grey cloudy days. 

Instead I got a heatwave... life's a funny thing. 

I thought I was going to hate it heloved it - London in summer is so amazing and there are so many things to do, it's almost better than Spain. Honestly, the city transforms as soon as the sun is out and it's slightly warm- everyone (and I literally mean everyone) is out having drinks, eating dinner on rooftops, going to the park on the weekends and just walking around and exploring this beautiful city. 

I never realised how lively and happy everyone would be, and I am sure the wonderful weather definitley helped, but it honestly made me not miss home at all. All that was missing was a swimming pool or a beach but I can live. 

By far what I loved the most were the sunny Sundays spent napping at Primrose Hill, eating bread and chorizo, getting a bit too sunburnt and eating ice cream whilst staring at London's skyline. Oh, and of course the evenings spent at the pub watching the World Cup games. Everyone just came together to support England and enjoy the sunshine, it was beautiful. If only the World Cup happened every year...I don't think I had ever felt that emotional about football, or any other sport for that matter. 

London truly transforms once the days are longer and the sun is out, everyone suddenly becomes so friendly and outgoing and you genuinely feel like you live in the best city in the world. 

However, we're going to quickly ignore the tube because commuting in that heat was definitley an adventure, even though I was lucky enough to be on a line with AC for the first half of the summer (Met line, I miss you every day). 

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