Saturday, 17 March 2018


Am I a lazy person? Not really (or at least that's what I like to believe). However, it is extremely easy to get lazy and lay in bed for endless hours watching the most random YouTube videos. 

We all know how it starts. 

"I'll lay down for a min"

"Just one more video and then I'll clean my room"

"Okay, this is the last episode and then I will do the dishes"


It's never going to be just one video, or just one episode, or just a 5 min scroll on Instagram. Why? Because being lazy is so easy. During the past few years of my life being lazy has not really been an option, university was hectic and veeeeeery time-consuming. Therefore, the little spare time that I had had to be used to do life admin, see friends, workout, cook and survive. 

Once I graduated I re-discovered the luxury that free time is and oh boy was I confused. What are you meant to do with free time? Are you meant to be social, relax, sleep?!!! 

So I became lazy very quickly. I was like a child who was surrounded by sweets after not having been allowed to have sugar for a year (okay, maybe that is a bit dramatic but you get the idea). After work, I could easily spend hours just watching Netflix for hours on end. 

After a few weeks (okay, maybe months) I decided that I should be investing this time in something a bit more....interesting and fruitful. So I joined a gym, I started blogging again, I read books, I listened to podcasts, I saw more friends, I started journaling. 

I started doing so many thing once I had stopped doing that one thing, which was clearly very time consuming. I guess it is quite obvious, but it was so eye opening to me. I had spent so many hours essentially wasting my time.

As soon as I started doing more and more I just wanted to do even more. Once I started doing side projects and picking up new and old hobbies I couldn't have enough. I did not only had so much more energy and motivation, but I also learnt to enjoy and appreciate my lazy time more. Watching Netflix was a now a treat, and that meant that I enjoyed it so much more. 

I guess the point of this post is to encourage you all to use your time wisely and to do things that you enjoy but that will also help you grow and develop. The more energy that you put into something, the more energy you will get out of it. 

A few hours of Netflix a week never hurt nobody though...

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