Thursday, 15 March 2018


A week ago today it was International Women's Day, and I don't think I  had ever had such an inspiring morning. Nothing major happened, there was no crazy surprise or unexpected thing.

It was just Instagram. 

Every morning,  I like to catch up on what my friends have been up to and check out some of my favourite Instagramers' content. My feed is usually packed with blue waters, stunning sunsets, smiley people and beautiful moments captured forever. 

On March, 8th I woke up to a slightly different feed.  I woke up to empowering messages, powerful quotes, and inspiring women all over social media. Both men and women, everyone was coming together, raising their voices and  fighting for equality. 

It was so uplifting  to see so many people, specially all of my closest friends,  empowering each other and just being total badass bosses in general. It made my morning, it made me happy. 

And that got me thinking. 

Why is it that we don't share things like this on a daily basis, why do we save it for that one day of the year? I'm not saying there is anything wrong with posting that incredible shot you got in The Maldives or Maui (deep down we all want to see it and live vicariously through you), but we should also use our platforms to do something more than post aesthetically pleasant photos. 

I am definitley guilty of this, I like to carefully curate my feed so that it portrays my best life. But imagine if we all decided to use our influence (whether we have 30 followers or 30,000) to raise awareness for those issues that we care about. We could make such a difference. 

Even something as little as leaving a nice comment, or simply not leaving a nasty comment, can change someone's life. Giving shoutouts to those people that inspire you, that empower you every day, whether that's online or in real life. This is what we should be focusing on. 

This can most definitley co-exist with any other content we are sharing now, they are not mutually exclusive. It is just a little addition, adding our little grain of salt to make the world a better place. Just think about it. 

This post was inspired not only by all my amazing friends who came through on IWD but also by Joey Kidney whose vlogs scream kindness, self-love and empowerment.
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