Sunday, 18 February 2018


Monday. 7AM. ugh.

I think that sums up how everyone feels every Monday morning. That dreaded second when the alarm goes off and you realise it is going to be another 4 days until you get to sleep in again. But truth is, Monday mornings are unavoidable. It does not matter how much you hate them, they are going to be there every 7 days to greet the new week and to try and ruin your mood.  

But, what good does it do to any of us to despise them so much. Let's learn to love them instead. Here are a few ideas...


So make it the best one too. Nothing gets me out of bed like the thought of my favourite breakfast or food in general, to be honest. But I think that is just me... Find something that you love but that doesn't take too much time to make (no one has time to make pancakes every morning before work, sadly).


No one wants to wake up and have to face a pile of hard decision - what do I wear, should I take my gym clothes with me, do I curl my hair, do I wear lipstick, etc. 

Plan plan plan. 

It is all about planning people. If you make all this decisions the night before with plenty of time and when you're not hating life because all you want to do is sleep, your morning is going to become so much easier. Trust me. 


Snoozing is all fun and games until you have 5min to get ready and you have to choose whether you want to have coffee and be awake and do your hair and look presentable. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get ready in the morning, no one likes a stressful start of the day. Specially not on a Monday. 


Now I am not saying you have to run 10km every morning (unless you want to), but if you make time to do something you lover every morning getting out of bed will be less painful. This could literally be anything - from watching your favourite TV show whilst getting ready to doing some yoga.

For example, the first thing I do every day when I wake up is play some Netflix on the background, before I even get breakfast or get ready. I play whatever show I am watching at the moment and it honestly makes my mornings so much happier.


If all fails, just drink coffee and some more coffee. Coffee is the answer to everything.

Happy Monday! 

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Wednesday, 14 February 2018


It is now February and everyone is well over witner, the cold wind and those gloomy days. It is fun and cosy in October. It is festive in December. But now the low temperatures and lack of sunshine is simply annoying - and we are all looking forward to the warmer months. 

And we are also dreaming of that summer holiday; whether that is with friends, family or on your own. 

I am most certainly not an expert in travelling, and I do have a lot of the world left to explore. Like, a lot.  But I have visitied quite a few places in Europe, some of which I was basically dragged to but ended up loving. There are so many incredible countries that are so different from each other, and they are only a few hours away by plane. 

I personally prefer sight-seeing holidays rather than beach holidays. Growing up surrounded by beautiful beaches in Spain set the bar very high - so unless you take me to Mauritius, I will not be impressed by some water and white sand. Sorry not sorry. 

So if you are looking for a nice beach holiday, this is probably not your post. If you love cities, museums, nature and architecture, keep reading. 


I went to Prague a few years ago with my family. I had absolutely no input in that decision and I thought Prague was going to be a boring city in the middle of Europe.

Oh boy, was I wrong! 

Prague is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever visited. Maybe it was the unexpected charm, or the majestic castles. Something about the city captured me. It is the perfect place to just walk around, get lost and enjoy some ice cream in a hot day.

During that holiday, I also discovered one of my favourtie foods ever: goulash. I cannot stress enough how absolutely delicious it is - if you are ever in the Czech Republic you have to try it (unless you don't eat meat...).

Unfortunately, I don't have any photos from that holiday on my laptop as that was before the Instagram era, where taking beautiful dreamy photos was not a priority. As always, though, Unsplash has saved the day with this beautiful stock photo. 


Again, I had no idea what to expect when I went to Dubrovnik. All I knew about it was that all my friends who loved Games of Thrones were dying to go. Now, I have only seen a few episodes of GoT in my life (I know, I know: shame on me) but when I stepped into Dubrovnik I literally felt like I was in the show.

I did not do art history or study architecture so I suck at accurately descirbing buildings, but the best way to describe is: GoT style buildings everywhere. It's like the whole city is a beautiful ruin (even though it is not actually ruins, they are actual houses.)

Okay, I get it, I do suck at descirbing cities but Google it - Dubrovnik is beautiful. 

We also got to swim near the Old Town which was so beautiful, the views from the sea were breathtaking and the water was so clear with so many colourful fishes!


Italy in general is such an amazing country. I feel like most countries have one or two cities that stand out, and everything else is quite average. Itlay has Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan, and so much more. I could have a two month holiday in Italy and I would still find more places to visit. 

Rome is, however, my favourite one so far. To begin with, it is where the Lizzie McGuire movie was filmed so there is that. 

Jokes aside, it is truly a breath taking city. There is an incredible old building, fountain, etc. on every corner. It also has the best ice cream in the world and their pasta is to die for. I have to say, though, the pizza I have had in Italy has not lived up to the expectations. It is good but I  have had equally good pizza elsewhwere. 

One tip: do not go to Rome in July or August - the heat is unbearable. And that comes from someone who grew up in Spain. 


Lads, lads, lads. 

Just kidding. Mallorca is the place to be in summer (lads can go back home though).

I was born and raised in that beautiful island and I can 100% say that no place is better during ther warmet months than Mallorca. Just make sure to avoid Magaluf, you would have to pay me to go there - it is honestly disturbingly disturbing. 

The rest of the island has crystal clear water, paradisiac beaches, incredible hiking routes, an equally beautiful cathedral, tasty food and lovely weather. If you do some research you can honestly find beaches that are so stunning that look fake (Google Cal√≥ des Moro). 

My only advice is to, again, avoid July and August unless you enjoy super busy places and being surrounded by sweaty-sun-cream-covered-yet-sunburnt tourists. It is not nice, trust me. 

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Saturday, 10 February 2018


A while ago I wrote a post on one of my favourite things: brunch, and to add a little twist I decided to confront two old mortal enemies: West London and East London. I really enhoyed writing it and you guys seemed to like it - so I decided to bring you the dinner edition

Dinner will never be as cool as brunch, but we'll work with what we have got. 

I have been visitin the East ends of the city more often that I used to and, not going to lie, it is growing on me. I wasn't ready for this, no one was ready for this - it just  happened. Turns out East isn't so bad after all, and they have some really tasty food too. 



I walked past this restaurant in South Kensingotn every day for over two years, and yet I never noticed it. The othe day a friend from uni suggested the place to chat about how much we love skinny jeans and food, whilst eating some great food. 

I was not expecting such amazing food. I got the should lamb but oh my god. I could eat it every single day if I could afford to eat out every day. The meat was so tender, the gravy so perfect, the vegetables so tasty and the mash so smooth - perfection in a plate.


This place has been my number one ever since I moved to London. It was one of the frist restaurants I went to when I started uni, and it was also the restaurant I went to for my geadutaiont. It all comes full circle. 

If you like good Italian food, this is the place to go. Their pizzas are to die for - they are simple but incredibly tasty. And don't even get me started on their pasta, their bucatini alla pescatora is to die for. They also have the creamiest and tastiest pistachio ice cream, if you have space for dessert! 

Percy & Founders

Soho is full of restaurants but if there is one that stands out is Percy & Founders - it has a huge variety of foods but if you go you have to try their truffle burger. 

If there is one food I have had at many many restaurants in London is a good old burger. So, after over four years of burger tasting, I would like to say my standards are quite high. When I say it's a good burger, it is gooooooood. 



Peruvian food tends to be very overpriced and surpisingly hard to find, unless you want some random fusion of cuisines like Suhisamba (which is very overrated btw). 

Now, I can't vouch for how authentic the food is as, truth be told, I have only had Peruvian food a few times before and I was too young to know what I was eating. But I can say this: it was so delicious and it had such strong and unique flavours (in a good way). The best thing we had, by far, was the Pastel de Choclo, which is basically a corn and fresh cheese pie. Literally mind-blowing.  Their grilled octopus was also pretty amazing... 

Osteria della Pasta - Boxpark

I am not a fan of Boxpark in general, I would much rather go to a normal restaurant, sit down, read a menu, etc. But, after aimlessly walking around The City on a Saturday (which is basically zombietown) we ended up going to the first place that look alright. 

And it was so much more than just alright. It was one of the best pasta I have ever had, and I have been to Italy twice. 100% recommend. They don't have the longest menu, but you get to choose what kind of pasta you want which is pretty cool. And the few sauces that they have are to die for. 

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