Thursday, 9 November 2017


November is such an underrated month. When you ask someone what their favourite month is, they usually say December or a summer month but no one ever really says November. It is, sadly, kind of overshadowed by the wonderful December.

Well, guess what? November is an incredible month. Here's why:

- It brings all the best holidays together: Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. It has the post-Halloween sugar rush,  the delicious Thanksgiving food and the Christmas excitement and anticipation. 

- It's acceptable to start listening to Christmas music, and even decorating the house. 

- It finally gets colder so you can break out all your new coats and scarves, but it's not freezing cold yet.

- Sales, sales, sales. Black Friday hits the stores with some massive sales, and sales make anything better. 

- Frosted mornings are back! As much as I dislike the cold weather, I love waking up to white grass and crisp fresh air. 

-And... no more dark mornings. I like waking up early and with the time change happening towards the end of October that means that it is now bright and beautiful at 6AM. Let's ignore the fact that the sun sets at like lunch time pretty much...

- It's fireworks season!! If you live in the UK, you'll know about Guy Fawkes Night - aka firework heaven. There are basically fireworks everywhere for pretty much an entire week in November, and it's so magical.

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