Wednesday, 22 November 2017


Unlike many bloggers I'm not really a massive beauty junkie - I don't have a massive lipstick collection and Sephora isn't my heaven. BUT I do like to make myself look pretty in the morning because no, I did most definitely not wake up like this.

I do keep my make up routine very simple (sleep>make up) but even then there are some days when I just don't have it in me. When all I c

an spare is a tiny little bit of energy and about 30sec, there is one holy grail product that saves my sleepy face and makes me look like a normal human being. 

I started using it about a year ago and there's barely been a day I have not used it. Yes, it's just brows. Just two lines on your forehead. But they can make or break your face. I honestly cannot recommend this product enough; it is the easiest thing to use. Trust me, you have to be awfully bad at make up to mess it up.

I usually struggle to find the right shade as my eyebrows are very dark but not quite black, so I need a "almost black brown", if it's black it makes my eyebrows look soooooooo fake. I usually the shade 05, I can get away with using 06 too but 05 is like a perfect match. I am not sure how light their lighter shades are but if you have dark eyebrows, you need to get this because I am telling you, you'll find your perfect match.

It also comes with a little brush on one end so you can make sure all your tiny hairs are in place, so that's a plus.

There is only so much one can say about an eyebrow pencil, so I'm not going to go on and on about how much I love this product because I don't want to bore you. But, trust me, if you like to have your eyebrows on fleek,  this is your product.

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