Friday, 24 November 2017


Everyone who knows me knows that I love online shopping.  I despise going shopping in stores,  it's
so stressful, there are so many clothes and so many people everywhere... and the queues, don't even get me started on the queues. Everything is so much easier and simpler online: just add everything you like to your basket, review it before ordering and get it delivered straight to your door. 

The lovely people at Pretty Little Thing recently got in touch with me and offered me a few pieces from their collection to celebrate Black Friday and, obviously, I couldn't resist. Everything I ordered arrived to my flat within 24 hours, and it was just like Christmas. Opening those big pink packages felt like unwrapping loads of presents by a big lit up tree: pure joy and happiness.

FYI, Pretty Little Thing are having the best Black Friday sales (up to 50% on everything) so head over to their page now before everything sells out.

Enough rambling though, let me show you what I got!

Let's start with my favourite jumper ever. I love oversized jumpers (fab for hiding food babies) and I also love a good turtle neck. It is pretty unusual for me to wear colour, I usually stick to greys and different shades of brown but I've recently been loving red, orange and yellow. They add a splash of colour to my otherwise very monochrome outfits. This one is so soft and comfy, I would honestly sleep in it.  The other jumper that I got is also quite bright - it's orange,  a colour I never thought I would willingly wear. But here I am, loving it. Also, side note, can we all please take a moment to appreciate my super awkward posing. I never do try-on hauls but I had  to show you how cool these two jumpers look on. *round of applause for Ariadna*

Next, I got a wonderful pair of jeans. I've been wanting to get some basic denim jeans for a while but they were always too baggy, too tight, too long, etc. These ones fit just right, I love how they don't have too much going on but are still more than just your average plain denim jeans - the frayed bottoms and the unsymmetrical knee rip give it a subtle twist. I love to wear them with the red jumper tucked in and a black coat - perfect comfy weekend outfit. 

Since winter is upon us (sad times) I decided to prepare for the freezing weather and get a few jackets. My favourite one is the black fluffy one; it makes you look like you tried so hard with your outfit when you really didn't. It's also super soft and warm so that's a plus! 

Finally, I got some accessories because, you know, I like to spice up my outfits sometimes. This layered necklaces makes any outfit look extra fancy and the silky scarf makes you look like you've just got back from Paris and have Ladurée macaroons in your bag. 

Oh, how could I almost  forget...  i got a unicorn onesie! I've been wanting a onesie for quite literally over 6 years now so you can imagine how incredibly happy I was when I finally got one. I didn't just get a plain old boring onesie, it is a unicorn. You guys, A UNICORN. #goals

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