Friday, 1 September 2017


My skin is by no means anywhere near perfect, as the vast majority of people I do have occasional breakouts, discolouration and all these other nightmares that come with skin. However, my skin has definitley improved A LOT recently and it is all thanks to one incredible face wash.

Before going into the actual product I think it is worth mentioning that for the past two or three months I have had the worst diet I have ever had in the past few years. I ate anything I wanted whenever I wanted. I kid you not, I probably went weeks without eating proper vegetables. NONE. The reason why I'm saying this is because my skin should have gone crazy. I usually break out due to one of two reasons; it's either that time of the month or diet. So you can imagine my surprise when, after eating utter shit for months, my skin still looked okay.

The product in question is Garnier's 96% Natural Origins Gel Wash with Aloe Vera Extracts. As the name suggests, 96% of the ingredients are of natural origin which means that is less harsh than more artificial products.  The Aloe Vera helps hydrate the skin which is something my skin really needs. I still need to moisturise after washing my face but my skin feels significantly less dry than when I used other scrubs and face washes. It is also meant to remove excess sebum, impurities and pollution (thank you, London) so that your skin is left perfectly clean and ready for the day... or bed. 

I also use this sometimes to remove my make up in the shower, and it works wonders. I usually struggle to remove my mascara (there is a fine line between good waterproof mascara and too good waterproof mascara) but this literally gets rid of everything. It's incredible. 

If you're looking for a gentle and effective face wash, you should definitley try this one out. It has worked so well for me and I am genuinely impressed with Garnier.. good job guys. 

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