Monday, 4 September 2017


It's September!!! I'll sound like any other blogger but how is it September already? How is Christmas only 4 months away!? It feels so weird, this summer has been so weird. For the first time in my 21 years of life, I have not spent my summer holidays in Mallorca so it's been hard trying to tell my brain that those 20˚C and semi-sunny days were meant to represent summer. Which is why I still don't fully believe it is over, it's kind of like it never happened.

I guess the come back of PSL makes it official though.

September is usually the month that I use to get my life together after sleepless summer nights, beach days and the odd family holiday. It's usually the month when I get ready to go back to uni, to move back to London and to see my uni friends after three months. Whilst I am officially done with uni now, I still get these feels and I'm using this month to mentally prepare myself for the winter.

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I've already started doing this - I recently read I Am Pilgrim, Big Little Lies and I Found You; all of which I absolutely loved and totally recommend, specially I Am Pilgrim. But I want to keep this up and read more as a few years ago I kind of stopped reading and I really miss it. If you have any book recommendations let me know as I am quickly running out of titles!

Get a graduation dress

I will be graduating this October and finding a dress for the occasion is proving to be much harder than I thought; specially because I don't really wear dresses so I don't know what style I like, and also because I can't wear black but all the dresses I like just happen to be that colour... send help. Another added complication is that I can only buy dresses from the petite section otherwise they are too big for me, that means I have a much narrower range of dresses to choose from. Wish me luck. 

Learn how to grocery shop

That's an odd one. Even though I moved out 4 years ago, I still don't quite know hot to grocery shop effectively. I basically go to the supermarket, buy some food that sounds good to me and go home to realise I can't actually cook anything with the ingredients I bought... and I end up ordering Uber Eats. This needs to change. 

Run Run Run

I used to run a few times a week last year but as soon as summer came I stopped as I was travelling and then I moved houses and there was just too much stuff going on. Now that I have settled, I want to start running again, specially as I live so close to some really good parks! 

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