Tuesday, 12 September 2017


Home decor is something I have always loved, I think it's important to make your house/bedroom feel like home, make it represent you and inspire you. Having moved houses several times, I have learnt a lot about how I like to decorate my space and what makes me feel relaxed and at ease; and also what stresses me out. If you want to make me cranky put me in an cluttered messy room and I'll assure you I'll go crazy. Put me in a well-decorated minimalistic space and I'll be in heaven.

When I moved houses about a month ago, I decided I wanted to make my room look a bit more put together and "adult" - and nothing screams adult as replacing your posters with framed artwork. When someone has gone to trouble of framing their posters and prints, that’s when you know they ave got their sh*t together. Amirite?

And that's when I discovered Desenio.

Desenio* is an online store that sells the most beautiful and original prints; they have so many different styles and they are all Pinterest goals. If you've ever wanted to make your room look straight out of Pinterest, Desenio is the place to go. I instantly fell in love with their prints and I knew I needed them in my life. So I reached out to them fangirling and telling them how much I loved them; they agreed to work together... and this post was born. 

After extensive research I managed to choose three prints that I absolutely loved - which was very hard because I could easily get 100 of their prints and still want more. The three prints and two gold frames came to just under £100 which is such a good price for such good quality beautiful prints that are this big! The frames are also super pretty and look so fancy and not cheap at all. The reason why I got three prints but only two frames is because I wanted an extra print to change up my room a bit from time to time.

I initially wanted to hang the frames on top of my bed but, since I am renting and therefore can't drill nails into the wall, I was scared the stick-on hooks would be too weak and didn't want the frames to crack my head open in my sleep. Nevertheless, I love how things turned out and I love how they look on top of my desk, they make my workspace so much cuter and inspiring! The only thing that could make it look even better is if my room had white walls but can't really do anything about that... *cries*

 Overall I am incredibly happy with the prints and the frames, they definitley make my room so much more put together and add a really cute touch. And GUESS WHAT!!! I honestly could go on and on for ages talking about my love for Desenio, but or everyone’s sake I won’t. But GUESS WHAT! I have a discount code for you guys, if you use the code rawrbows between the 12th and 14th of September you'll get 25% off your entire order (excluding frames and handpicked prints) which is SO GOOD!

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