Monday, 28 August 2017


I have eaten animal products - steaks, burgers, milk, yoghurt, cheese, etc for as long as I can remember. They have become staples in my diet and foods I tend to reach for very often. Over the past few years I have seen an increase in people going vegetarian or vegan and studies that research the adverse effects of such foods on the human body. 

A few years ago my meat intake reduced dramatically when I moved out mainly due to two reasons; meat is expensive and I find it hard to cook properly. Whilst I have never labeled myself as vegetarian, I can go weeks and even months without eating meat. However, I've always thought that going vegan would be a  real struggle for me. I like eggs and cheese too much, and the only milk I like with my coffee is 'regular' milk; I've tried everything: soya, almond, coconut and cashew but they're just not the same. 

Whilst I am not against eating animals or animal products, it is as natural as eating plants in my opinion, I am against the industry and how animals are treated. Therefore, I decided to try and go vegan for a week. I've read a lot about people getting more energetic after stopping the consumption of animal products, but I have also read about people feeling weak and tired. I guess each body reacts differently to different diets. I am aware that a week is not a very long time but I think it's going to be interesting to see if I find it hard and if it effects my energy levels or not! 

I am *obviously* going to write a post about what it's been like so stay tuned!

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