Sunday, 23 July 2017


It is hard to ignore all the beautiful swimwear on our Instagram feed, you know, those carefully staged photos of tan girls in stunning bikinis in front of crystal clear turquoise water. Whilst I can't offer you a holiday in the Maldives, I can offer you gorgeous swimwear with a very small price tag. 

When I am looking for cheap yet cute clothes I always like to have a browse on Zaful and, trust me, I always find something. This time I was looking for some swimwear and, as expected, I found it. Even though I was tempted to buy every single design I laid my eyes on, I decided to behave and only got two bikinis. 

The first one is one that I have been wanting for ages. The bottoms have a palm tree leaves pattern which looks super summery, they are a bit cheeky but that's something I don't really mind and I think they look great. The top is a beautiful peachy pink colour, and I adore the crossed back (I won't like the tan lines as much though). The one thing I don't like about online shopping is having to guess my size - after carefully analysing all the reviews I decide to order a size M. For reference I am a size 32D and UK size 8. Technically, the bikini fits me but ideally I would have ordered a size S for the bottoms and a size L for the top. Unfortunately, you can't order different sizes for tops and bottoms. Nevertheless, I still love the bikinis and I am definitely going to wear them loads. 

The other bikini that I got was  this sort of striped bikini. This one is more 'family friendly' as the bottoms aren't cheeky at all. The tops has a gorgeous back - which took me nearly 15 min to figure out how it is meant to be worn. I ordered a size S for this one and it fits me very well, so when ordering from Zaful I would recommend you read the reviews as a guide to figure out which size to get.

Finally, I also decided to get a a pair of earring because I barely ever get new ones and I thought it was about time. These look so beautiful on and are perfect for every day wear.  They are great because they are kind of 2 in 1. You can wear them either with or without the bottom bit. 

Overall this order was only about $30 which I think is pretty great for what I ordered, considering a single bikini can easily cost $30 or more at any high street store.

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