Tuesday, 11 July 2017


When it gets hotter in summer I usually stay away from make up, specially during the day as sweat and foundation is not a great combination. However, for special occasions or for the evenings when it gets a bit colder, I like to wear minimal make up which usually includes lipstick as I feel like a nice lip always makes it look you spend twice the time getting ready. 

Many high-end brands like YSL, Clinique and Chanel have wonderfully pigmented lipsticks with incredible formulas but they also come with a higher price tag. My favourite brand for lipsticks is MAC - sure, it is not as cheap as drugstore brands like Rimmel but I personally think that the difference in quality is worth the price jump.

Unlike some bloggers, I don't have a massive MAC lipstick collection of 40 shades but I do have some and I also have a few that are my favourites. A few shades that I just can't get enough of, and that I'll know I'll repurchase once I use them up.

My most recent purchase is the shade Kinda Sexy in a Matte finish. It is a brown nude colour which is surprisingly not drying for how matte it is. I have very dry lips so most matte lipsticks are literal torture for me, MAC is one of the only few brands that has matte lipsticks that I can actually use. I love this shade for everyday wear or for when I'm going for a more natural look.

Next is a classic: Russian Red in a Matte finish. Who hasn't heard about this shade? It is one of MAC's best sellers and it's no wonder why - it is the perfect shade of red, not too dark not too light and it's matte. Perfect combo. I used this shade when I am trying to pretend I am classy and all that...

Finally, let's talk about the first MAC shade I ever bought: Impassioned in Amplified finish. I don't usually wear bright pinks but for some reason,  this specific colour really suits my skin tone - specially when I'm tan. So, whilst I stay away from it during the colder months when I resemble Casper the Friendly Ghost, I do use it very often in summer as it makes me look even darker which is always a plus. 

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