Sunday, 2 July 2017


Photos can make or break a post - use a crappy, badly lighted and low quality image and your post is likely to get less reads. This is specially true when sharing your blog post on social media, for better or for worse platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are all about looks. If you share a bright, pretty and high quality photo it is much more likely to get noticed. 

However, sometimes we just don't have the time or the resources to take those attractive photos. Whether you're on holiday, your camera is getting fixed or you lost your memory card - sometimes you need stock photos to keep your blog going. There are many sites out there who will give your a massive library of photos for a fee but guess what, you can also get incredible stock photos for free! 

I am sure I don't know all of them but there are a few I use more often than others and that never fail to provide fantastic images for my posts. Here are my three favourites.


This is my favourite site by far, it was created by the blogger Roxy at City Girl Searching. She has the most beautiful images which I love so much because they really go with my blog theme. The library is password protected so you'll have to join using your e-mail to get the password, but don't worry she won't spam you.

I honestly cannot rave about those images enough, if you like perfectly lit feminine stock images this is your site. Oh, and they are also all vertical which is just a bonus in my opinion as I much prefer them to horizontal ones.

Retika Nicole

Again, these are more on the feminine side. Unlike the ones from CGScreative - which are more white themed - these are bright and colourful beautifully styled flatlays. All she asks for in return is for you to give her credit if you're using one of her photos on your blog or Instagram, which is totally understandable! 

Haute Chocolate

To get access to some of bright and Instagram worthy images all you have to do is to sign up to the mailing list. You'll then get an e-mail that will take you to a dropbox folder where you will be able to download the images. When you sign up you'll get four stunning stock photos for free and then once more each month. 

Pexels & Unsplash

These two are quite similar. They offer a wide variety of stock photos ranging from nature shots to artsy coffee snaps. These are not as bloggery (yes, I just made up a new adjective) as the ones from CGScreative but there's nothing some editing can't fix.

What I love about these to sites is that they are great if I want a photo of something specific or if I want a cool landscape shot. They are all from great photographers and I have definitely used more than a few on my blog! Plus, you don't need an account and you don't have to sign up to any mailing list so it can't get any easier.

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