Saturday, 15 July 2017


If you've ever spent a summer in London you'll know that, whilst London is absolutely beautiful in the sunshine, it doesn't really feel much like summer. Highs of 20˚C and only sporadic days of sunshine are not the representation of the well-known quote "summer, hair gets lighter, skin gets darker, water gets warmer, drinks get colder, music gets louder, nights get longer, life gets better".

Which is why after coming back to England from Spain, I escaped the clouds once again and run off to Croatia with a friend for about 10 days. I visited different cities and a couple of stunning National Parks. Instead of doing one massive post, I decided to do one for each place so that I can explain everything in more details. 

We flew from London to the capital, Zagreb where we spent the day. We didn't have much of a plan and everything we wanted to see seemed to be vert close together in the Old Town so we took an Uber there and wandered around. If you visit Croatia I would definitley recommend using Uber instead of public transport as it is similar prices and obviously much more convenient. I only spent about £20 in 9 days and we took at least two-three ubers per day.

We took an Uber to the Railway Station and then walked from there towards the Zrinjevac Park. After walking to the Trg bana Josipa Jelacica (Main City Square) we went to the Dolac Market where we got some incredible fresh fruit to snack on and a pastry for lunch. And that was the day we discovered Croatians love cheese in their pastries, I love cheese but not even I would eat that much cheese. 

We also visited the Cathedral and then walked to the Upper Town where we got some breathtaking views of the city and stumbled upon the Giant Whale Mural by the French artist Etien.
Since neither of us knew much about the history of the country we decided go visit the Croatian History Museum, which was only 5HKR (about 50p), and taught us all we needed to know about the recent war and how it affected Croatia.

After that, we walked around the Upper Town for a bit before going to the Museum of Broken Relationships which to be honest wasn't as cool as we were expecting but still worth visiting if you don't know what else to do.

 After all that walking and our 6:30AM flight we had been on earlier, we were quite tired and hungry so we went on the hunt for some good Croatian food. We ended up going to a place called Nokturno where I had some incredible Black Risotto for a very decent price, the restaurant was located in a very lively and cute uphill street with many other restaurants.

Overall, I would say I enjoyed Zagreb more than I expected but I also think a day is more than enough to visit everything and to enjoy the city without getting bored. It is also the cheapest city we visited in Croatia so if you want to get some nice seafood for a good price do it there!

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Tuesday, 11 July 2017


When it gets hotter in summer I usually stay away from make up, specially during the day as sweat and foundation is not a great combination. However, for special occasions or for the evenings when it gets a bit colder, I like to wear minimal make up which usually includes lipstick as I feel like a nice lip always makes it look you spend twice the time getting ready. 

Many high-end brands like YSL, Clinique and Chanel have wonderfully pigmented lipsticks with incredible formulas but they also come with a higher price tag. My favourite brand for lipsticks is MAC - sure, it is not as cheap as drugstore brands like Rimmel but I personally think that the difference in quality is worth the price jump.

Unlike some bloggers, I don't have a massive MAC lipstick collection of 40 shades but I do have some and I also have a few that are my favourites. A few shades that I just can't get enough of, and that I'll know I'll repurchase once I use them up.

My most recent purchase is the shade Kinda Sexy in a Matte finish. It is a brown nude colour which is surprisingly not drying for how matte it is. I have very dry lips so most matte lipsticks are literal torture for me, MAC is one of the only few brands that has matte lipsticks that I can actually use. I love this shade for everyday wear or for when I'm going for a more natural look.

Next is a classic: Russian Red in a Matte finish. Who hasn't heard about this shade? It is one of MAC's best sellers and it's no wonder why - it is the perfect shade of red, not too dark not too light and it's matte. Perfect combo. I used this shade when I am trying to pretend I am classy and all that...

Finally, let's talk about the first MAC shade I ever bought: Impassioned in Amplified finish. I don't usually wear bright pinks but for some reason,  this specific colour really suits my skin tone - specially when I'm tan. So, whilst I stay away from it during the colder months when I resemble Casper the Friendly Ghost, I do use it very often in summer as it makes me look even darker which is always a plus. 

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Saturday, 8 July 2017


I feel like I start most of my hauls by making an excuse as to why I went shopping. Well, this time is going to be no different. If you've read my previous post you'll know I am currently in Croatia celebrating I graduated from uni. In preparation for my trip I went online and ordered a couple (literally) of things from ASOS. 

The first thing are a pair of round sunglasses. These look pretty much exactly like the RayBan Round Metal Sunglasses but were only £20 - the quality is obviously not as good but I am happy with them and they get the job done (i.e. making me look fab and protecting my eyes from the sun).

Believe it or not, I, someone who spends all her summers in Mallorca, hadn't bought any new bikinis in about two years. So, I was in need of some for my trip. I got this baby blue off-the shoulder style bikini top on ASOS but it's from the store Pimkie. And the best thing is that it was only £12!

A few days before my trip I went to Brandy Melville wanting to get some comfortable shorts - unfortunately they don't do the style I wanted anymore which was a bummer because I don't think I've ever worn such comfortable AND pretty shorts. I still managed to find something though, I got a plain baby pink slightly cropped t-shirt (wow, that was a long description). I couldn't find the exact top online, but here's the link to a similar one.As most Brandy Melville clothes, it is incredibly soft and fits perfectly. I am pretty sure I'll wear the heck out of this so £13 seems like a good price to me. 

As the good Spaniard that I am, it is expected that Zara is my favourite store, which it is. As I always do, I paid it a visit during my three weeks in Spain and got a few things. The first thing is this cream embroided off-the-shoulder top , I love wearing white and cream in summer and  I also love off-the-shoulder tops so I obviously had to get it. I also got these baby pink wide leg trousers (there seems to be a lot of baby colours in this haul) which look absolutely fantastic with the top I mentioned before.

And, for now, that is all people. But fear not, I'll be back soon with another haul. I always am.

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Wednesday, 5 July 2017


Right now, I am in Croatia celebrating that I am officially done with university (I am still wondering how on Earth I made it out alive, but I did!).  Since I am currently abroad I thought it would be appropriate to show you what my travel essentials are. 

It goes without saying that things like passport, money, phone and chargers are essentials for everyone - you're not gonna get very far without you passport or the right currency. So, here, I am just mentioning 'extra' items, which you may not find absolutely necessary but I never go away without them. 

So first of all, food. Yeah, you know. I love food. Whilst I personally love to go grocery shopping when I am abroad and get some snacks that are exclusive to the country I am visiting, I also like to take some snacks with me. You never know when you'll have time to buy food once you're away and no one likes being hungry or airplane food- so cereal bars and Oreos are a must. 

Going on holiday usually means being on a plane/train/car for quite a while. This is specially annoying if it's a plane as there's usually no Internet access which means the flight can be VERY boring. I've found that the only thing that does wonders in making any flight bearable is Netflix. I always download way too many movies and TV shows butI am also never bored in planes soooo... 

This one might sound a bit odd but I never leave without meds (like paracetamol) and vitamins. Most of my holidays are not exactly relaxing beach holidays, they're more like walk around a city for 10 hours a day to make sure I see everything I want to see holidays. So needless to say after a one or two days like this I am exhausted, and multi-vitamins are my best friend. 

Suncream and sunglasses are definitley a must if I am going on holiday during summer (which I usually am). Sunglasses are important because I don't want to be squinting my eyes in all of my Insta photos, and well we all know suncream is very important to protect your skin from the sun. 

Finally, this is a bit of an odd one: Brandy Melville clothes. I know, how more basic can I even get? But what I mean by that is Brandy Melville style clothes, they don't necessarily have to be from there. Loose-fitting, fresh, comfy shorts, basic cropped tees and trainers are my go-to outfit when I know I'll be out all day in 30˚C weather.

What are your travel essentials?

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Sunday, 2 July 2017


Photos can make or break a post - use a crappy, badly lighted and low quality image and your post is likely to get less reads. This is specially true when sharing your blog post on social media, for better or for worse platforms like Instagram and Pinterest are all about looks. If you share a bright, pretty and high quality photo it is much more likely to get noticed. 

However, sometimes we just don't have the time or the resources to take those attractive photos. Whether you're on holiday, your camera is getting fixed or you lost your memory card - sometimes you need stock photos to keep your blog going. There are many sites out there who will give your a massive library of photos for a fee but guess what, you can also get incredible stock photos for free! 

I am sure I don't know all of them but there are a few I use more often than others and that never fail to provide fantastic images for my posts. Here are my three favourites.


This is my favourite site by far, it was created by the blogger Roxy at City Girl Searching. She has the most beautiful images which I love so much because they really go with my blog theme. The library is password protected so you'll have to join using your e-mail to get the password, but don't worry she won't spam you.

I honestly cannot rave about those images enough, if you like perfectly lit feminine stock images this is your site. Oh, and they are also all vertical which is just a bonus in my opinion as I much prefer them to horizontal ones.

Retika Nicole

Again, these are more on the feminine side. Unlike the ones from CGScreative - which are more white themed - these are bright and colourful beautifully styled flatlays. All she asks for in return is for you to give her credit if you're using one of her photos on your blog or Instagram, which is totally understandable! 

Haute Chocolate

To get access to some of bright and Instagram worthy images all you have to do is to sign up to the mailing list. You'll then get an e-mail that will take you to a dropbox folder where you will be able to download the images. When you sign up you'll get four stunning stock photos for free and then once more each month. 

Pexels & Unsplash

These two are quite similar. They offer a wide variety of stock photos ranging from nature shots to artsy coffee snaps. These are not as bloggery (yes, I just made up a new adjective) as the ones from CGScreative but there's nothing some editing can't fix.

What I love about these to sites is that they are great if I want a photo of something specific or if I want a cool landscape shot. They are all from great photographers and I have definitely used more than a few on my blog! Plus, you don't need an account and you don't have to sign up to any mailing list so it can't get any easier.

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