Friday, 28 April 2017


Gone are the days when I was a fanatic of bright and neon nail polishes. I am now a grown woman who only wears professional looking nude shades... just kidding. I am not a grown woman, professional and I do wear more shades than flesh coloured polishes.

However, I am definitely a love of more natural or dark colours simply because I find them more flattering on my nails. I was recently walking around Covent Garden with Kate when we stumbled upon this store called 3INA. To be honest, the only reason why I decided to walk in was to take a photo of the beautifully arranged and colour coded make up and I wasn't planning on buying anything. 

But who can say no to £4,95 nail polish? Certainly not me. 

I got this perfect nude shade, I had been looking for a similar colour for so long but I could never find the exact tone I wanted. The name of the colour is 105 and the fact that they don't have cool names for every shade is probably the only downside. 

For such a low price I didn't have high expectations but it is honestly better than any of my OPI nail polishes. I only need two coats and it lasts close to a week - which is something I can't say for most of my nail polishes. The packaging is super simple and sleek, something I personally love. 

The lady at the store told us that  the brand is known for their cream eyeshadows, they apparently have loads of different shades and they stay on no matter what. I am not a big eyeshadow person but if you are, check them out! I don't know if they have any other physical stores but I know their products are sold on ASOS so you can get them wherever you are! 
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