Thursday, 16 March 2017


Spring is my favourite season - yes, I know I probably say that at the beginning of each season but let’s pretend I actually mean it. I guess it’s because after a cold, dry and dark winter the thought of sunshine, colourful flowers and slightly longer and warmer days brings me so much happiness. 

I also love dressing for spring, I am more than ready to ditch all my thick coats, blanket scarves and boots and show off my bomber jackets, my thinner jumpers and my brand new sunglasses. I also love that my outfit is no longer hidden under a thick layer of black fabric - I spend 5 min choosing my outfit every morning for something. 

Something that goes hand in hand with my shopping addiction is the one and only ASOS, I don’t remember the last time I physically walked into a store to buy something. I recently ordered a few things and I could not be happier with what I’ve got. 

The sole reason as to why I placed the order in the first placed was because I needed a belt, and I actually needed it. I had lived without one ever since I moved to London but I guess I just got fed up with dealing with having to pull up my jeans every 3 second. I had been wanting one like this forever but the ones I found were either too expensive or not exactly what I was looking for. So when I saw this one was on sale for £6 I could not say no. 

Since spring means more sunny days (kind of…) I decided to get a new pair of sunglasses. For the past one or two years I have been using my Quay sunglasses non-stop, I can’t take them off. But because I’ve used them so much during summer, they are a bit scratched (pro tip: don’t keep your sunnies loose in your bag if you often go to the beach, they’re gonna get scratched) and I do really like to be able to see. So since the model I have is not available anymore I got these, which are very similar but are only £10, so quite a bargain if you ask me. 

And because spring wouldn’t be spring without flowers I got this beautiful mesh top with embroidery - which I am absolutely in love with. It is a size too small but it was the only one available and it kind of fits. I love that it comes with a top to wear underneath but it would also look wonderful with a black bralette underneath

Finally, I also got a jumper because whether I like to admit it or not spring in London is more like a slightly warmer winter and jumpers are still very much needed. I branched out a bit and got something that’s not black, grey or brown… be proud. I really like this baby pink and I think it’ll be great for spring with a pair of black jeans and trainers. Oh and my new sunnies, how fab would that outfit look?

And that’s all I’ve got for now, and hopefully for a while because my bank account needs to adjust… have you been doing some damage lately?

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