Friday, 10 February 2017


New year, new me! 

That's what 90% of us say every January 1st. We want to eat healthier, quit smoking, hit the gym more often and, overall, we just want to become an even better versions of ourselves. I personally I am kind of happy with my diet, which is not perfect but life is too short to eat 100% clean and brownies are too good. However, I have been wanting to workout more this year as it is something I do actually enjoy once I get into it - we all know the hardest part is dragging your feet to the gym.

One thing that makes drag my ass to the gym is cute gym clothing and gym wear. Whenever I wear cool leggings, or sporty t-shirts I just feel super badass and ready to hit all those weird-looking machines at the gym. 

If you have been following me for a while, you'll know I rarely wear something other than black, grey or white. Therefore, when I saw the Ivy Park collection I knew I had to have them so  you can imagine my excitement when I finally got these two pieces. 

The Ivy Park Tape Tights* are probably, not only the comfiest, but also the coolest leggings I own. I love that they are quite plain so are very easy to style, and the writing on the sides adds a badass touch. I usually wear them with my black Nike trainers and a simple, slightly over-sized jumper. It's the perfect casual but cool outfit for a day running errands or at uni writing my dissertation. 

I also got the Ivy Park Tape Vest* which is the perfect t-shirt to work out in - loose, comfy, black, not too thick and sleeveless. Oh, and it also makes you feel like you've got your shit together because wearing something Beyonce created has that effect on you. I usually wear it with a bright sports bra to add a pop of colour, and off to the treadmill I go! 

I have been a bit obsessed with workout clothes recently (more than normal) so expect more hauls like this in the near future! Maybe having a drawer filled with beautiful leggings will make me go to the gym more often!

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