Tuesday, 7 February 2017


If you have been following my blog for a while you may know I am pretty obsessed with phone cases. I can't never get enough, I think I have around ten right now...

Let's embrace this obsession, though.

I have partnered with CaseApp in the past and as I have said countless times before, I absolutely love their cases, specially the 'tough' ones. My phone is my most precious possession, right after my laptop, and I honestly cannot leave the house without it. Consequently, one of my biggest fears is to accidentally drop my phone and breaking it or damaging it. Before I discovered CaseApp tough cases I always found myself having to choose between very thin but cute cases, or protective yet not that cute ones. But now I can have both, yay! 

Recently, I got two new cases from CaseApp that I designed. If you don't know, CaseApp is a website that lets you design your own phone case or laptop skin. I have been loving this nude, beige light brown colour, which is not hard to guess looking at these two cases. 

I designed the geometric pattern using Photoshop, it's a very simple design and that's exactly what I was aiming for since. I have really been into simple and sleek designs lately, adjectives that can also be used to describe my other case - this was a photo I got from Pinterest.

I got a few more things, though. My favourite thing is this wall sticker from StickerApp which says "make it happen". I like how positive this message is, and it really motivates me when I'm sitting on my desk trying to write a report and not really succeeding at it!

Finally, I got the coolest stickers ever which I designed myself. They represent me and my friends so much (you can be sure I gave them all a bunch of these as soon as I got them), and I absolutely adore the metallic finish. 

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