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There is a massive difference if you go to the gym in early December or early January. There is going to be about double the people in January and as the year goes on the crowd is going to become smaller and smaller. For most people, working out is not exactly incredibly fun but we all know it’s healthy to be active and that it’s good for our body. 

I have never been a big sports person - as a child P.E was the subject I  hated the most and going to tennis and basketball lessons after school was dreadful. As I grew up I started enjoying exercise a bit more, specially because I wasn’t being forced to do it and I could do it when I wanted how I wanted. 

Even then, though, being motivated is hard and after many years of trying to stay motivated I think I have managed to find what works for me. So I decided to share a few tips with you guys, which might help you and give you the motivation to hit the gym and stay active.


This is key for me. I like going to the gym on my own sometimes but I am 100% motr motivated if I go with someone else, it makes it more fun and less dreadful. It also makes me work out harder as if I’m like “nah, i’m gonna go home and eat cake”, there is someone there who makes me stay and makes me get my shit together. 


I think the biggest mistake I made, whenever I went tot he gym I would do same exact workout: treadmill, cross-trainer and maybe some wights but that was about it. Now I alternate between swimming and gymming, and if I go to the gym I try to do different things: cross-trainer, rowing machine, some weird-looking machines, etc. 

Finding what you love

This is so cliche, and you have probably heard it a hundred times. But finding workouts that you actually enjoy doing makes such a big different, exercising isn’t dreadful anymore and it is rather fun. Try different classes, different gyms, etc and find what works for you and what makes you have fun!

Cute Clothes

I have mentioned this before, but cute gym clothing and gym wear is one of my main motivations. Not only because I like clothes in general (duh) but because if I wear badass clothes I feel more badass, and therefore I am more likely to give it all in the gym. One of my favourite brands is Ellesse*, I recently got a new pair of leggings and a new top. I love the material of the leggings, they're so thing and comfy - perfect for the gym when you're going to sweat like a pig... The top is also super comfy and I love that it comes with a sports bra. 

gym clothing & gym wear

Good Music

I am physically unable to do any sort of exercise without music, it's just too boring and I need a good beat to motivate me. Listening to the right playlist makes such a big difference! I personally like to listen to clubbing music because they're usually quite fast and loud, which is exactly what I need when I am dying on the treadmill. If you don't know what to listen to, Spotify has great playlists!

Keep going

The first few gym sessions are always the hardest but I have found that with time I actually need the exercise. If I don’t exercise a few times a week I feel like I have too much energy in me and need to get it out, mu body asks for the workouts. 

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