Wednesday, 1 February 2017


I started the year with just one thought in my head: God please help me pass these exams.

Therefore, I didn't give much thought to the new year and what I wanted to accomplish in the following 365 days. And after exams, I guess life just got a bit too much and reflecting on this new year wasn't a priority of mine. But now that January is coming to an end I decided to make a list (because, who doesn't love lists) of everything I want to do/try to accomplish in 2017. 

  • Wake up before 8AM every day
  • Do yoga a few days a week in the morning 
  • Exercise three times a week
  • Write my dissertation with no tears and with no all nighters preferably
  • Graduate with a 2.1
  • Get my driving license (finally!)
  • Get a job, hopefully in London!
  • Stick to my skincare routine for once
  • Read more books
  • Read the news every day
  • Drink more water
  • Avoid sugary cereal in the morning in spite of how delicious they are
  • Travel more around Europe

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