Monday, 13 February 2017


As I have mentioned in my Becoming a Morning Person post, I am more of a morning person. I enjoy waking up before the sun is out and when it feels like the city is still sleeping. It is peaceful and quiet, two words that are rarely used to describe a city like London.

I love mornings in general, they are easily my favourite part of the day, but there are certain things that make me love them even more. Tiny details can make a huge difference! 

Breakfast in bed

Trust me when I say this, there is nothing I love more than eating my oatmeal and sipping on hot coffee in bed. This is something I only get to do if I wake up early enough so you can bet I'll get out of bed early to prepare my favourite oatmeal and a good cup of coffee in my favourite mug, anything tastes better if it is enjoyed in a warm cosy bed. 


By the time I have finished eating my breakfast it's not dark anymore. Being in the UK thought, sunrise doesn't really mean that the sun is out. It just means it is slightly less dark and very gloomy. In the odd days when the sun is really out and the sky is blue, I am instantly ten times happier and also so much more productive!


I have always loved reading, I would devour any book I had when I was younger - even though I am not such an avid reader right now, it's still something I really enjoy. I recently got a few books that I will show you guys in an upcoming post but the one I am currently reading is Inside Vogue: A Diary Of My 100th Anniversary by Alexandra Schulman. It's a very light read, but I find it fascinating how different her life is to what I know and I also find it very inspirational and motivating. 

Fresh Flowers

Nothing beats waking up to see a wonderful bouquet of fresh flowers on your nightstand or anywhere in your room. It's not something I always have but I sometimes treat myself to some beautiful flowers and it instantly lifts my mood. 


I don't always get to see the sunrise, as it is cloudy many days here in London but when I do you can bet I am incredibly happy. I have always been enchanted by both sunrises and sunsets and, since I am usually indoors when the sun sets, I love to make some time to contemplate the sunrise.  

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