Wednesday, 22 February 2017


Reading is one of my favourite hobbies - whether it is blog posts, books, magazines, etc. Anything that has any content I am remotely interested in, I will read it. Recently I have been feeling a bit ( a lot) unmotivated and have been rather unproductive. So I decided to get a few books to encourage me to kick some ass. 

I got two new books: How To Murder Your Life by Cat Marnell and Inside Vogue: A Diary of my 100th Year by Alexandra Schulman. The former one I got because of Caroline Calloway - I lover her writing and her pieces are honestly a work of art so I am happy to read anything she recommends. The other one I got it because, well, because Alexandra Schulman is who I aspire to be in life so I would obviously read anything she wrote.

I also want to re-read a book I started several months ago but I never finished, that is #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso. It is a very empowering book, specially if you are a young women. But regardless of your age or gender, I'd totally recommend this book. It's also incredibly interesting to see how she built such an empire from scratch. 

I haven't started reading How To Murder Your life yet but it sounds amazing. The book is a memoir of a girl living in New York working as a beauty editor at a Conde Nast magazine, someone who seems to have a pretty much perfect life. But what lies beneath the surface is someone with bulimia and a young women who is addicted to drugs and alcohol. The narrative style is supposed to be brutally honest, so I am very excited to read this one.

As I previously mentioned, Alexandra Schulman is someone who I very much admire. I mean, being the editor of British Vogue is not something anyone gets to do for a living. The book is written in a diary style, she explains what she does on pretty much a daily basis and let me tell you, it is anything but mundane activities. Unless your everyday life includes going for breakfast with Stella McCartney in Notting Hill, you'll probably find this book fascinating and your jaw will drop multiple times. 

I am ridiculously excited to read all of these books and I'll make sure to do a review on these once I finish them!

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