Tuesday, 28 February 2017


There is a massive difference if you go to the gym in early December or early January. There is going to be about double the people in January and as the year goes on the crowd is going to become smaller and smaller. For most people, working out is not exactly incredibly fun but we all know it’s healthy to be active and that it’s good for our body. 

I have never been a big sports person - as a child P.E was the subject I  hated the most and going to tennis and basketball lessons after school was dreadful. As I grew up I started enjoying exercise a bit more, specially because I wasn’t being forced to do it and I could do it when I wanted how I wanted. 

Even then, though, being motivated is hard and after many years of trying to stay motivated I think I have managed to find what works for me. So I decided to share a few tips with you guys, which might help you and give you the motivation to hit the gym and stay active.


This is key for me. I like going to the gym on my own sometimes but I am 100% motr motivated if I go with someone else, it makes it more fun and less dreadful. It also makes me work out harder as if I’m like “nah, i’m gonna go home and eat cake”, there is someone there who makes me stay and makes me get my shit together. 


I think the biggest mistake I made, whenever I went tot he gym I would do same exact workout: treadmill, cross-trainer and maybe some wights but that was about it. Now I alternate between swimming and gymming, and if I go to the gym I try to do different things: cross-trainer, rowing machine, some weird-looking machines, etc. 

Finding what you love

This is so cliche, and you have probably heard it a hundred times. But finding workouts that you actually enjoy doing makes such a big different, exercising isn’t dreadful anymore and it is rather fun. Try different classes, different gyms, etc and find what works for you and what makes you have fun!

Cute Clothes

I have mentioned this before, but cute gym clothing and gym wear is one of my main motivations. Not only because I like clothes in general (duh) but because if I wear badass clothes I feel more badass, and therefore I am more likely to give it all in the gym. One of my favourite brands is Ellesse*, I recently got a new pair of leggings and a new top. I love the material of the leggings, they're so thing and comfy - perfect for the gym when you're going to sweat like a pig... The top is also super comfy and I love that it comes with a sports bra. 

gym clothing & gym wear

Good Music

I am physically unable to do any sort of exercise without music, it's just too boring and I need a good beat to motivate me. Listening to the right playlist makes such a big difference! I personally like to listen to clubbing music because they're usually quite fast and loud, which is exactly what I need when I am dying on the treadmill. If you don't know what to listen to, Spotify has great playlists!

Keep going

The first few gym sessions are always the hardest but I have found that with time I actually need the exercise. If I don’t exercise a few times a week I feel like I have too much energy in me and need to get it out, mu body asks for the workouts. 

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Saturday, 25 February 2017


Having been to Cambridge, Kent, Bath, Castlebury and of course London amongst a few other towns in England; I think I have been to quite a variety of places in the UK for someone who wasn’t born here. However, I always wanted to visit Brighton and I finally got to go recently, thanks to the babe that Kate is for getting me train tickets for my birthday. 

Brighton was even more beautiful than I thought, it was snowing the whole day and it was rather empty - most people stay at home when it’s 0 degrees outside. We arrived at about 11AM and went straight to the beach where we took many many photos and made our way to the famous Brighton Pier, where even more photos were taken. 

We had lunch at an incredible restaurant called The New Club - I had their Clean Burger whilst she had their Dirty Burger. They were both amazing, I am not exaggerating when I say it was easily one of the best burgers I have ever had. We also ordered a side of Mac’n’Cheese to share because why not. It was good but a bit too spicy for me, and Bill’s Mac’n’Cheese will always have a special place in my heart anyways. We were starving so I didn't manage to take a photo, I deeply apologise but hey at least I won't make you hungry! 

We then walked around The Lanes for a bit, I loved the narrow and quirky streets. There were so any cute shops that sold the most beautiful (and overpriced) home decor, it was hard not to buy anything! After that we visited the Royal Pavilion which reminded me to the Taj Mahal, it was built a palace for King George IV, I can’t even imagine what it would be like to live there.

By then it was about 5pm so after checking out a few shops and stopping each other from spending all of our non-existent money, we headed back to London. To finish off the day right we went to Homelike, which I’ve been told by many different people that they have the best pizza in London, so obviously I had to try it. I can confirm the pizza was indeed amazing and I would advice going there with one or two friends and sharing a pizza, because they are MASSIVE. 

Brighton was everything I expected and more, even with the rather bad weather I loved the town and I definitley want to go back in summer when it’s not snowing and freezing! 

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Wednesday, 22 February 2017


Reading is one of my favourite hobbies - whether it is blog posts, books, magazines, etc. Anything that has any content I am remotely interested in, I will read it. Recently I have been feeling a bit ( a lot) unmotivated and have been rather unproductive. So I decided to get a few books to encourage me to kick some ass. 

I got two new books: How To Murder Your Life by Cat Marnell and Inside Vogue: A Diary of my 100th Year by Alexandra Schulman. The former one I got because of Caroline Calloway - I lover her writing and her pieces are honestly a work of art so I am happy to read anything she recommends. The other one I got it because, well, because Alexandra Schulman is who I aspire to be in life so I would obviously read anything she wrote.

I also want to re-read a book I started several months ago but I never finished, that is #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso. It is a very empowering book, specially if you are a young women. But regardless of your age or gender, I'd totally recommend this book. It's also incredibly interesting to see how she built such an empire from scratch. 

I haven't started reading How To Murder Your life yet but it sounds amazing. The book is a memoir of a girl living in New York working as a beauty editor at a Conde Nast magazine, someone who seems to have a pretty much perfect life. But what lies beneath the surface is someone with bulimia and a young women who is addicted to drugs and alcohol. The narrative style is supposed to be brutally honest, so I am very excited to read this one.

As I previously mentioned, Alexandra Schulman is someone who I very much admire. I mean, being the editor of British Vogue is not something anyone gets to do for a living. The book is written in a diary style, she explains what she does on pretty much a daily basis and let me tell you, it is anything but mundane activities. Unless your everyday life includes going for breakfast with Stella McCartney in Notting Hill, you'll probably find this book fascinating and your jaw will drop multiple times. 

I am ridiculously excited to read all of these books and I'll make sure to do a review on these once I finish them!

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Sunday, 19 February 2017


Early twenties are a bit of a weird phase, we are meant to be adults but most of us feel more like children. In spite of moving out of my parents' house a few years ago and living in a whole different country away from all my family, I rarely ever feel like a grown up; let alone an adult who has their shit together. 

These past couple of months, however, I feel like I have grown up a lot. I have realised that sometimes when I do certain things I stop for a second and congratulate myself for giving off the impression of knowing what I am doing. 

"Congrats, you don't behave like a teenager anymore"

It's little mundane actions that I have started doing, things that I would imagine all these successful badass businesswomen doing. Here are ten of them.

  • Willingly waking up before 7am
  • Actually using my planner every day
  • Using mouthwash, daily
  • Doing laundry every weekend and separating whites and colours
  • Having a skincare routine and following it
  • Buying real food and vegetables instead of ready meals or take out
  • Keeping track of my finances
  • Remembering to pay bills
  • Meeting friends for a coffee
  • Having a go-to smoothie recipe
  • Bonus one: Having a Starbucks gold card, because every self-respected women definitely has one...

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Thursday, 16 February 2017


Every girl has a sweet spot for jewellery, there is something about pretty earrings, necklaces and bracelets

that make us happy and they are also an essential part of any outfit. However, jewellery is one of those things that I often overlook and kind of 'forget' to buy. For example, when planning an outfit I'll think of the dress, heels, hair, make-up, even nail polish colour! But I'll rarely think of what jewellery to wear it with until I've got the outfit on. Not only that, but I really don't like going jewellery shopping. I find it too tedious and hard, not too mention it is also rather expensive. 

I recently came across easewholesale.com*, which is a wholesale fashion jewellery store. They have all kind of jewellery imaginable as well as a wide variety of styles so there is something for everyone. To make it even better, their prices are not outrageous - who wants to pay $30 for one necklace? Certainly not me.

I personally love their bangles as bracelets are my favourite accessories anyway. I have really been into simple and dainty bangles, they add a fancier touch to the outfit but they're not overwhelming, making them perfect for every day wear. I have specially been loving silver and rose gold accessories, as I find that if it's gold it can look cheap unless it's from a high-end store.

Something else I love from this website is their collection of rings, I am constantly buying new rings because I keep loosing them (I'm trying to get better at this...). As with bracelets, I always go for rather simple silver or rose gold rings, I like to wear loads of them at the same time - it looks so cool and edgy!

Overall I really love this website and it is definitley one of my go to places to get accesories from. I know that sometimes wholesale jewellery from china can be a bit dodgy and not very trustworthy, but everything from easewholesale.com does really look nice and not cheap at all! 

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Monday, 13 February 2017


As I have mentioned in my Becoming a Morning Person post, I am more of a morning person. I enjoy waking up before the sun is out and when it feels like the city is still sleeping. It is peaceful and quiet, two words that are rarely used to describe a city like London.

I love mornings in general, they are easily my favourite part of the day, but there are certain things that make me love them even more. Tiny details can make a huge difference! 

Breakfast in bed

Trust me when I say this, there is nothing I love more than eating my oatmeal and sipping on hot coffee in bed. This is something I only get to do if I wake up early enough so you can bet I'll get out of bed early to prepare my favourite oatmeal and a good cup of coffee in my favourite mug, anything tastes better if it is enjoyed in a warm cosy bed. 


By the time I have finished eating my breakfast it's not dark anymore. Being in the UK thought, sunrise doesn't really mean that the sun is out. It just means it is slightly less dark and very gloomy. In the odd days when the sun is really out and the sky is blue, I am instantly ten times happier and also so much more productive!


I have always loved reading, I would devour any book I had when I was younger - even though I am not such an avid reader right now, it's still something I really enjoy. I recently got a few books that I will show you guys in an upcoming post but the one I am currently reading is Inside Vogue: A Diary Of My 100th Anniversary by Alexandra Schulman. It's a very light read, but I find it fascinating how different her life is to what I know and I also find it very inspirational and motivating. 

Fresh Flowers

Nothing beats waking up to see a wonderful bouquet of fresh flowers on your nightstand or anywhere in your room. It's not something I always have but I sometimes treat myself to some beautiful flowers and it instantly lifts my mood. 


I don't always get to see the sunrise, as it is cloudy many days here in London but when I do you can bet I am incredibly happy. I have always been enchanted by both sunrises and sunsets and, since I am usually indoors when the sun sets, I love to make some time to contemplate the sunrise.  

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Friday, 10 February 2017


New year, new me! 

That's what 90% of us say every January 1st. We want to eat healthier, quit smoking, hit the gym more often and, overall, we just want to become an even better versions of ourselves. I personally I am kind of happy with my diet, which is not perfect but life is too short to eat 100% clean and brownies are too good. However, I have been wanting to workout more this year as it is something I do actually enjoy once I get into it - we all know the hardest part is dragging your feet to the gym.

One thing that makes drag my ass to the gym is cute gym clothing and gym wear. Whenever I wear cool leggings, or sporty t-shirts I just feel super badass and ready to hit all those weird-looking machines at the gym. 

If you have been following me for a while, you'll know I rarely wear something other than black, grey or white. Therefore, when I saw the Ivy Park collection I knew I had to have them so  you can imagine my excitement when I finally got these two pieces. 

The Ivy Park Tape Tights* are probably, not only the comfiest, but also the coolest leggings I own. I love that they are quite plain so are very easy to style, and the writing on the sides adds a badass touch. I usually wear them with my black Nike trainers and a simple, slightly over-sized jumper. It's the perfect casual but cool outfit for a day running errands or at uni writing my dissertation. 

I also got the Ivy Park Tape Vest* which is the perfect t-shirt to work out in - loose, comfy, black, not too thick and sleeveless. Oh, and it also makes you feel like you've got your shit together because wearing something Beyonce created has that effect on you. I usually wear it with a bright sports bra to add a pop of colour, and off to the treadmill I go! 

I have been a bit obsessed with workout clothes recently (more than normal) so expect more hauls like this in the near future! Maybe having a drawer filled with beautiful leggings will make me go to the gym more often!

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Tuesday, 7 February 2017


If you have been following my blog for a while you may know I am pretty obsessed with phone cases. I can't never get enough, I think I have around ten right now...

Let's embrace this obsession, though.

I have partnered with CaseApp in the past and as I have said countless times before, I absolutely love their cases, specially the 'tough' ones. My phone is my most precious possession, right after my laptop, and I honestly cannot leave the house without it. Consequently, one of my biggest fears is to accidentally drop my phone and breaking it or damaging it. Before I discovered CaseApp tough cases I always found myself having to choose between very thin but cute cases, or protective yet not that cute ones. But now I can have both, yay! 

Recently, I got two new cases from CaseApp that I designed. If you don't know, CaseApp is a website that lets you design your own phone case or laptop skin. I have been loving this nude, beige light brown colour, which is not hard to guess looking at these two cases. 

I designed the geometric pattern using Photoshop, it's a very simple design and that's exactly what I was aiming for since. I have really been into simple and sleek designs lately, adjectives that can also be used to describe my other case - this was a photo I got from Pinterest.

I got a few more things, though. My favourite thing is this wall sticker from StickerApp which says "make it happen". I like how positive this message is, and it really motivates me when I'm sitting on my desk trying to write a report and not really succeeding at it!

Finally, I got the coolest stickers ever which I designed myself. They represent me and my friends so much (you can be sure I gave them all a bunch of these as soon as I got them), and I absolutely adore the metallic finish. 

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Saturday, 4 February 2017


It has been ridiculously cold in London recently, and as much as I hate having to wear thirty layers to stay alive outside, what I hate the most about this weather is how dry my skin gets and don't even get me started my lips - they basically die. 

Having learnt from my mistakes in previous years, I have actually used moisturisers to keep my skin hydrated (go me!). There are three products I couldn't have survived without, they have honestly been life saviours these past month, and specially this past few weeks!

Garnier Intensive Restoring Hand Cream

There is no worse feeling than having dry hands and there is also nothing worse than a hand cream that leaved your hand sticky for ages. I used to used L'Occitane's hand cream, which is still one of mt favourites. However, it is significantly pricier and as moisturising and they are, they aren't any better than this Garnier hand cream. And it does that without making your skin feel greasy at all.

If you know me, you'll be aware of my love for scented sckincare and this one isn't the exception. The light sweet almond scent lingers on your skin for hours, something that I personally love. 

L'Oreal Revitalift Magic Blur

I have sworn by this face cream ever since I first got it a bit less than a year ago. I bought purely because it was on sale and I really like L'Oreal products in general, it turned out to be the best skincare product ever.

It is not only extremely moisturising, but it leaves my skin feeling so soft and kind of velvety. It also helps homogenises my skin, if that makes any sense. It doesn't act as any sort of foundation whatsoever (it is a face cream, not make up), but it does makes my imperfections less obvious which is just amazing.

Nivea Lip Butter

This little baby has been a life saviour these past two weeks. It seems that being at -6˚C is not exactly great for my lips... they decided to basically die and it honestly looked like I had had lip injections on my upper lip,  something I didn't particularly enjoy. This lip balm is what made my lips come back to live and I will forever be grateful for it. 

It also smells pretty good so that's always a plus.

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Wednesday, 1 February 2017


I started the year with just one thought in my head: God please help me pass these exams.

Therefore, I didn't give much thought to the new year and what I wanted to accomplish in the following 365 days. And after exams, I guess life just got a bit too much and reflecting on this new year wasn't a priority of mine. But now that January is coming to an end I decided to make a list (because, who doesn't love lists) of everything I want to do/try to accomplish in 2017. 

  • Wake up before 8AM every day
  • Do yoga a few days a week in the morning 
  • Exercise three times a week
  • Write my dissertation with no tears and with no all nighters preferably
  • Graduate with a 2.1
  • Get my driving license (finally!)
  • Get a job, hopefully in London!
  • Stick to my skincare routine for once
  • Read more books
  • Read the news every day
  • Drink more water
  • Avoid sugary cereal in the morning in spite of how delicious they are
  • Travel more around Europe

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