Tuesday, 19 September 2017


I'm all about dainty jewellery, it's the perfect way to spice up any outfit - whether it's casual or fancy. It adds a really cute touch and adds this je ne sais pas touch. You know, the "casually looking fab" vibe.

Years ago I did a collab with The Happiness Boutique and recently, when sorting out my jewellery, I found the necklace they gifted me. Out of curiosity, I went on their website and checked out what they had in stock: everything they had was right up my alley, so I decided to get in touch with them again.

Even though they have so many beautiful necklaces, earrings, bracelet, etc; I knew what I wanted straight away. I had been on the hunt for a  dainty rose gold short necklace with tiny pendants, I have seen it on a few of my favourite influencers and I think it looks so lovely and dreamy, so I was incredibly pleased when I saw they had something so similar to what I was looking for.

With gold or rose gold jewellery I am always worried it's going to look cheap, but this one doesn't in the slightest.  It's made out of stainless steel and it's rose gold plated, this means that you can swim and shower with it and it's not going to go rusty which is a massive plus for me as I hate having to take my jewellery off every day. My life is exhausting enough to remember to take off all my necklaces, earrings, bracelet and rings before I get into the shower, I don't have time for this. 

I received the necklace a few weeks ago and I kid you not I've been wearing it every single day - it's so easy to style and it goes with literally any outfit, even sweatpants. I personally love how it looks when styled with a loose white shirt, some denim jeans and trainers.

I'm actually looking to buy some more jewellery from them because I'm getting so much wear out of this necklace. I've been really into rings recently and they have so many cool ones; you should definitley expect another post featuring The Happiness Boutique!

Overall, I am super happy with what I got and if you're looking for good quality jewellery you should definitley check them out! They might not be as cheap as Primark but, in my opinion, it's worth spending a few extra pounds to get a good quality piece!

ALSO! I have a discount code for you guys, if you use rawrbows on any order over 19€ you'll get 10% off, how good is that! The offer will be valid until the 19th of October so hurry up and take advantage of it!


Friday, 15 September 2017


Blogging is a bit like showering: you either do it early in the morning or late at night - unless you're lucky enough to be a full-time blogger that is.

But blogging takes more than just an hour or two in the morning or evening; you need to think of post ideas, write the posts, take photos, edit the photos, proofread the post, schedule the post, share it on social media, etc. There's always work to be done and if I don't organise myself I can get very stressed very easily. So this is how I do it. 


After going for the odd run, showering and eating it's time to transform into a blogger.  On weekday evenings I usually spend about an hour or two reading and commenting on blogs and brainstorming. Sometimes I'll also write a post or two but that depends on how draining the day has been. 

Brainstorming can sometimes be hard, inspiration comes and goes. Sites like Pinterest, Tumblr and YouTube really help me come up with some ideas for blog posts; when it all fails I love to read my favourite blogs as they always have some impeccable content that inspires me!

I never really take photos during the week as I always use natural light and, obviously, it's already dark at 9PM. However, after all the brainstorming I usually have a clear idea of what kind of photos I want for each post so that when I do it on the weekends is much much quicker.

This is also the time when I reply to e-mails (which always takes longer than expected) and draft any sponsored posts that need to go up the following week so that I can send them off for approval.


Obviously, I don't spend every waking hour of my weekends working on my blog but it's when everything gets finalised and the posts are ready to be published. The first thing I do is figure out what posts are going to go up the following week. Then, I either take the photos I need for these or if the lighting is not too good I'll start writing them. I usually watch a movie or YouTube videos whilst writing posts as, for some reason, it makes me more productive... I have a weird brain. I try to upload about 3 posts per week and it takes me about 30min to an hour to write a post depending on how long it is or what kind of posts. For example, I find reviews and hauls much easier to write than more 'personal' posts.

Taking photos is probably my favourite part of blogging, I love styling the objects and coming up with new props to use. I try to do that at around noon as if I try to do it earlier on a sunny day (so not very often) the sun rays hit my table (where I take most of my photos) and it looks too bright and orange on camera. I'll always take about 20 photos for each post, most of them look exactly the same or very similar but I prefer to take loads than taking just two and then not liking them when I import them to my laptop. 

Then it's time to edit them, I use Photoshop CC to do that and all I do is increase the whiteness and contrast, play around with the curves and sometimes decrease a bit the saturation. I also make them smaller (otherwise my blog would take ages to load) and then add them to the posts.

Finally, I proofread everything and make sure it makes sense and schedule everything to go up automatically!

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Tuesday, 12 September 2017


Home decor is something I have always loved, I think it's important to make your house/bedroom feel like home, make it represent you and inspire you. Having moved houses several times, I have learnt a lot about how I like to decorate my space and what makes me feel relaxed and at ease; and also what stresses me out. If you want to make me cranky put me in an cluttered messy room and I'll assure you I'll go crazy. Put me in a well-decorated minimalistic space and I'll be in heaven.

When I moved houses about a month ago, I decided I wanted to make my room look a bit more put together and "adult" - and nothing screams adult as replacing your posters with framed artwork. When someone has gone to trouble of framing their posters and prints, that’s when you know they ave got their sh*t together. Amirite?

And that's when I discovered Desenio.

Desenio* is an online store that sells the most beautiful and original prints; they have so many different styles and they are all Pinterest goals. If you've ever wanted to make your room look straight out of Pinterest, Desenio is the place to go. I instantly fell in love with their prints and I knew I needed them in my life. So I reached out to them fangirling and telling them how much I loved them; they agreed to work together... and this post was born. 

After extensive research I managed to choose three prints that I absolutely loved - which was very hard because I could easily get 100 of their prints and still want more. The three prints and two gold frames came to just under £100 which is such a good price for such good quality beautiful prints that are this big! The frames are also super pretty and look so fancy and not cheap at all. The reason why I got three prints but only two frames is because I wanted an extra print to change up my room a bit from time to time.

I initially wanted to hang the frames on top of my bed but, since I am renting and therefore can't drill nails into the wall, I was scared the stick-on hooks would be too weak and didn't want the frames to crack my head open in my sleep. Nevertheless, I love how things turned out and I love how they look on top of my desk, they make my workspace so much cuter and inspiring! The only thing that could make it look even better is if my room had white walls but can't really do anything about that... *cries*

 Overall I am incredibly happy with the prints and the frames, they definitley make my room so much more put together and add a really cute touch. And GUESS WHAT!!! I honestly could go on and on for ages talking about my love for Desenio, but or everyone’s sake I won’t. But GUESS WHAT! I have a discount code for you guys, if you use the code rawrbows between the 12th and 14th of September you'll get 25% off your entire order (excluding frames and handpicked prints) which is SO GOOD!

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Friday, 8 September 2017


There are over 700 million account on Instagram. They are all different and have a story behind them, but there are three that you HAVE to follow. I haven't obviously personally checked every single account on the social platform (I have better things to do), but these three that I'm going to share with you are pretty on point, and genuinely make my day slightly better when they post.

Instagram is a place to find inspiration for me, scrolling down my homepage I can see countless of artsy shots and beautiful images; whether it's a beach in Mexico or a lavender field in France or beautifully presented food. These three following accounts are all very different but they all share some impeccable content, and they deserve your follow.

1. OH POP!

To me, this account is summer in photos. Vanessa, the cool girl who runs the account, keeps doing an incredible job at keeping up with a very well curated theme. Everything just flows together so well, I honestly didn't know such coherence was possible. From green, to blue, to yellow, to purple, to pink; the transition is as smooth as it could possibly be. It's just such a beautiful account, no amount of words are enough to describe how much I love it. 

However, the best thing about this account is not their feed (WHAT), it's what they sell: popsicles. But not any kind of popsicles; they sell the most aesthetically pleasant and coolest popsicles. They are all made of natural ingredients that create and explosion of flavours and textures, most of them are also dairy-free so it can't really get any better. Oh wait, it can: the flavours they offer are IN-CRE-DI-BLE; how does lychee, cooling cucumber and mint sound like? Sounds like heaven to me. Creamy coconut and raspberries drizzled with matcha white chocolate and shredded coconut? Say no more. 

If you're lucky enough to be based in Sydney, you should head over to their Instagram (@oh_pop_) and place an order right now. You won't be disappointed. 


My sister showed me this account a few months ago and I am literally OBSESSED now.  You know it's bad when you fangirl over a bakery's Instagram account...

I specially love their videos, they're so short and look kind of "rough" but that's what makes them cool in my opinion. I think what makes me love this account so much is that this bakery is quite close to my hometown in Mallorca so I could realistically eat everything they show on their account.... someday I'll go all out and buy one of everything. 

If you like sweet treats and desserts, and if you enjoy watching food videos, you have to give them a follow. They're so great! 


I've been following Gigi for a couple of years now but I never realised how insane her feed was until recently. Everything is so perfectly curated, and the colours flow so well together. I also find it very peaceful to look at, everything's so white and blue - it reminds me of a paradisiac white sand beach. 

She lives in Barcelona but travels quite a lot so it's cool to see new places and cities through her eyes, or to see places I have myself visited through someone else's perspective. I also think she is stunning, which obviously helps - funnily enough she reminds me of Gigi Hadid.  

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Monday, 4 September 2017


It's September!!! I'll sound like any other blogger but how is it September already? How is Christmas only 4 months away!? It feels so weird, this summer has been so weird. For the first time in my 21 years of life, I have not spent my summer holidays in Mallorca so it's been hard trying to tell my brain that those 20˚C and semi-sunny days were meant to represent summer. Which is why I still don't fully believe it is over, it's kind of like it never happened.

I guess the come back of PSL makes it official though.

September is usually the month that I use to get my life together after sleepless summer nights, beach days and the odd family holiday. It's usually the month when I get ready to go back to uni, to move back to London and to see my uni friends after three months. Whilst I am officially done with uni now, I still get these feels and I'm using this month to mentally prepare myself for the winter.

Read more

I've already started doing this - I recently read I Am Pilgrim, Big Little Lies and I Found You; all of which I absolutely loved and totally recommend, specially I Am Pilgrim. But I want to keep this up and read more as a few years ago I kind of stopped reading and I really miss it. If you have any book recommendations let me know as I am quickly running out of titles!

Get a graduation dress

I will be graduating this October and finding a dress for the occasion is proving to be much harder than I thought; specially because I don't really wear dresses so I don't know what style I like, and also because I can't wear black but all the dresses I like just happen to be that colour... send help. Another added complication is that I can only buy dresses from the petite section otherwise they are too big for me, that means I have a much narrower range of dresses to choose from. Wish me luck. 

Learn how to grocery shop

That's an odd one. Even though I moved out 4 years ago, I still don't quite know hot to grocery shop effectively. I basically go to the supermarket, buy some food that sounds good to me and go home to realise I can't actually cook anything with the ingredients I bought... and I end up ordering Uber Eats. This needs to change. 

Run Run Run

I used to run a few times a week last year but as soon as summer came I stopped as I was travelling and then I moved houses and there was just too much stuff going on. Now that I have settled, I want to start running again, specially as I live so close to some really good parks! 

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Friday, 1 September 2017


My skin is by no means anywhere near perfect, as the vast majority of people I do have occasional breakouts, discolouration and all these other nightmares that come with skin. However, my skin has definitley improved A LOT recently and it is all thanks to one incredible face wash.

Before going into the actual product I think it is worth mentioning that for the past two or three months I have had the worst diet I have ever had in the past few years. I ate anything I wanted whenever I wanted. I kid you not, I probably went weeks without eating proper vegetables. NONE. The reason why I'm saying this is because my skin should have gone crazy. I usually break out due to one of two reasons; it's either that time of the month or diet. So you can imagine my surprise when, after eating utter shit for months, my skin still looked okay.

The product in question is Garnier's 96% Natural Origins Gel Wash with Aloe Vera Extracts. As the name suggests, 96% of the ingredients are of natural origin which means that is less harsh than more artificial products.  The Aloe Vera helps hydrate the skin which is something my skin really needs. I still need to moisturise after washing my face but my skin feels significantly less dry than when I used other scrubs and face washes. It is also meant to remove excess sebum, impurities and pollution (thank you, London) so that your skin is left perfectly clean and ready for the day... or bed. 

I also use this sometimes to remove my make up in the shower, and it works wonders. I usually struggle to remove my mascara (there is a fine line between good waterproof mascara and too good waterproof mascara) but this literally gets rid of everything. It's incredible. 

If you're looking for a gentle and effective face wash, you should definitley try this one out. It has worked so well for me and I am genuinely impressed with Garnier.. good job guys. 

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Monday, 28 August 2017


I have eaten animal products - steaks, burgers, milk, yoghurt, cheese, etc for as long as I can remember. They have become staples in my diet and foods I tend to reach for very often. Over the past few years I have seen an increase in people going vegetarian or vegan and studies that research the adverse effects of such foods on the human body. 

A few years ago my meat intake reduced dramatically when I moved out mainly due to two reasons; meat is expensive and I find it hard to cook properly. Whilst I have never labeled myself as vegetarian, I can go weeks and even months without eating meat. However, I've always thought that going vegan would be a  real struggle for me. I like eggs and cheese too much, and the only milk I like with my coffee is 'regular' milk; I've tried everything: soya, almond, coconut and cashew but they're just not the same. 

Whilst I am not against eating animals or animal products, it is as natural as eating plants in my opinion, I am against the industry and how animals are treated. Therefore, I decided to try and go vegan for a week. I've read a lot about people getting more energetic after stopping the consumption of animal products, but I have also read about people feeling weak and tired. I guess each body reacts differently to different diets. I am aware that a week is not a very long time but I think it's going to be interesting to see if I find it hard and if it effects my energy levels or not! 

I am *obviously* going to write a post about what it's been like so stay tuned!

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Wednesday, 23 August 2017


Germany has never been a country that has particularly caught my attentions as a holiday destination. However, I do think their history is fascinating so when the opportunity to visit Berlin rose up, I obviously said yes. 

I only visited the capital for four days, but I think that was the perfect time to visit the city without getting bored. It's plenty of time to visit most landmarks and walk around  with no rush but not to the point where you run out of things to do.

Before going, I had heard very mixed reviews; some friends loved Berlin and some hated it so I didn’t quite know what to expect. Here is what I did, what I ate and where I stayed during my time in the German capital.


I stayed at the NH Collection Hotel Berlin Mitte which was right next to a high street and in a really central location. Only about 20 min walk from the famous Brandenburger Tor and around 30 min to Alexnderplatz. These might sound like long distances but I found that everything in Berlin is so far from everything else. It is definitely not one of these cities where you can walk from place to place - Uber and public transport will be your best friends.

The hotel itself was very nice and reasonably cheap; and they had a great breakfast (which is my favourite thing about any holiday, I live for buffet breakfasts).


I had done zero research before getting on my flight to Berlin, and when I say zero I mean I didn’t know what there was in Berlin other than the Brandenburger Tor which I had seen on Eva Gutowski's Instagram.... Thankfully, my sister had done some research so I wasn’t left clueless in the middle of an unknown city. 

My favourite thing about Berlin was the Brandenburger Tor, I honestly cannot describe how beautiful and majestic it looks. It was the first thing I saw when I got to the city and I was left in complete awe. On our way to the Brandenburg Tor we stopped at the Holocaust Memorial, which as the name suggests is a memorial to the jewish victims of the Holocaust. Nearby the Brandenburg Tor, you'll find The Parliament (Reichstag) which has a glass dome that you can visit and has spectacular views of Berlin. You can book online in advance or buy tickets a few days before in person but the queue is usually quite long.

Another great building to visit is the majestic Berlin's Cathedral. We went there at sunset and it was BEAUTIFUL, the cathedral was practically glowing thanks to the warm late evening sunlight. Checkpoint Charlie is also worth visiting, it was the best-known Berlin Wall crossing point between East Berlin and West Berlin during the Cold War. The sign is still up and there still are American guards where the crossing point used to be.

The Scheunenviertel (Barn Quarter) is definitley a must-visit if you like to wander around. You can get lost in beautiful patios where you will find the coolest independent shops and some cute cafes. One of my favourite shops there was this place called Golem Ceramics. They sell tiles, which may sound rather weird, but if you are somewhat into home decor you'll love it. They have every colour you can imagine and also a lot of  very cool patterns, I got a turquoise one which I use as a coaster. 

We also visited Alexanderplatz, and whilst it is quite famous, I honestly don’t know why. It is meant to be kind of like the main square, but it just looks like a chaotic mess. If you’re in Berlin you might as well go just because why not but don’t have high expectations.

On the other hand, the East Side Gallery was pretty cool, specially as I had seen it on social media so much before! There are so many different paintings from artists from all over the world, and it's so interesting to see how they all represent freedom and suppression so differently. The other 'arty' place we visited was the famous Pergamon Museum - which as every freaking thing in Berlin was under construction being renovated or something. However, we still got to see the Ishtar Gate which was our main reason for going there.

Finally, one morning we took the metro to a place right outside central Berlin called Potsdam, which was really beautiful. We visited this palace called The Sanssouci Palace and I have to say it is probably the most beautiful palace I’ve ever visited just after Versailles. The gardens were spectacular and enormous,  even better than the palace itself.


My favourite thing about traveling is getting to eat different foods and trying new restaurants. When I think Germany the food that pops up in my head are hot dogs, however the best thing I ate there was not even meat or savoury. It was an ice-cream waffle. It was from a small place called Woop Woop Ice Cream. It was a delicious waffle filled with liquid nitrogen ice cream (which is meant to make it more creamy). They had four flavours that day, we tried Ferrero Rocher and White Chocolate & Raspberry - the latter was 100% the best one and it is one of the best ice creams I have ever had (even better than many of the ones I had in Italy).

Another great food I had there was a kebab. I think I had only had kebab once or twice before and whilst I liked it I wasn't  too into them. Germany's kebabs are so much better though, or maybe I was just very hungry. Either way, it's worth trying one whilst you're out there. I also had many different kinds of sausages, all with different yet similar names which I cannot remember, but the best one was the one photographed below... bratwurst maybe?

The best restaurant we went was this place near Brandenburger Tor called Berlin Pavillon where we had some incredible roasted potatoes and different types of meat.

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Wednesday, 16 August 2017


Today's post comes from the hand of Samantha Braddy, one of the authors at highstylife.com. She kindly offered to write a piece for my post which I happily accepted, her writing style is just beautiful. Hope you enjoy the post and let me know if you would love to see ore of her great work! 

As tempting as it is to pack an entire shelf’s worth of your favorite beauty picks, downsizing your product range will help you establish a healthy routine while traveling, without overburdening your luggage. Let’s take a look at the packing essentials for any traveling occasion that will keep your inner beautician happy and sane throughout your wanderlust endeavors.

Never skip the makeup remover

Even if you intend to use the lightest makeup you own, the Urban Decay makeup remover in a stick is all you need to keep your skin clean, fresh and well-hydrated. No rough effects and damaging ingredients, only oils brimming with vitamin E to melt away even the most stubborn lipstick while you’re still on the plane.

 Your trusty cleanser

Coming from a company that even has a collection dedicated to travel-enthusiasts, the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish is a complexion-perfect combo in a neat package that can fit in your carry-on 100ml limit. It can serve as an exfoliator when combined with their cotton cloth, but even applied alone, it purifies your skin with the help of cocoa butter, chamomile and eucalyptus.

The must-have hand protection

You might live without your many creams and gels, but I for one could never leave my apartment without my J. R. Watkins Coconut Cream. Cruelty-free, which is a big plus in my book, and made with natural ingredients, even the coarsest skin will benefit from such a lightweight formula based on shea butter.

The almighty moisturizer

If your skin tends to get look dull after hours of flying, then there’s nothing quite like a spray-on refreshment for your skin in the form of This Works Spray-On Moisture. It’s pure hydration in a bottle, with aloe vera and sea minerals to keep your skin soaked in wellness. Talk about moisturizing on the go, right?

 A boost for your lashes

Handy, practical and long-lasting, the MAC’s mascara is perfect for a classy travel adventure. Go to a business meeting looking like you’ve just stepped out of a beauty parlor, or enjoy an evening out with your besties in an exotic beach bar, but this will become your go-to makeup item for every destination in the future.

Juice up your lips

Nothing can complete a look like a carefully-chosen, delicious lipstick. For those who prefer alternative fashion and bolder shades, Tragic Beautiful offers a huge range of metallic hues your inner diva will fall madly in love with. When it comes to everyday makeup, Buffy Velvetine lipstick in a neutral, creamy shade is one of the best choices for either a daily stroll or partying until the wee hours of the night.

Hair-washing reinvented

If you haven’t tried one before, you’ll surely start carrying a spare bottle with your from now on, as the dry shampoo by Batiste is what keeps your locks happy even in the sultriest of washing-free days. Spray and comb, and your do will be as good as new, no water or special treatment needed.

 Be the multi-purpose gal

She has been an inspiration to ladies all over the globe, and her natural beauty steals the spotlight wherever she appears, so who are we to take her beauty tips for granted? Made with the avid traveler and fashionista in mind, the Selma Hayek Nuance Lights will be your go-to eyeshadow, a perfect eyeliner and a highlighter stick all in one.

The practical hair care pack

Those with a more demanding mane, you’ll love the Moroccanoil travel set, or even just a single product in their travel-friendly line. All of them infused with rich, nourishing argan oil and designed to tackle the frizz in one go, they are ideal for a change of climate and strands that need extra care and nutrition while you travel. 

All-purpose wipes

A lengthy flight never stopped anybody from wearing makeup, right? Well, in that case, you’ll need travel-friendly wipes for refreshing your look and keeping your skin squeaky clean. A choice that never botches my carry-on luggage is a pack of the Neutrogena towelettes that can tackle even your waterproof mascara! Even the sensitive skin-types needn’t worry because these wipes are as gentle as they come.

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