Friday, 16 December 2016


I am a massive over packer, I like to have everything I might need when I'm not at home- anything from face masks to all my different trainers. I guess it's because I like to have options instead of having only two jumpers and one pair of jeans. I also tend to overpack A LOT when it comes to skincare, I need all my scrubs, creams, toners, miscellar waters, etc. 

Let's be honest, I'll only end up using like 1% of what I pack anyway.

I am going back to Spain for the holidays soon. When booking the flight I refused to check in a bag purely because I didn't fancy paying the outrageous prices; this means I am left with a carry on and a handbag to pack all my books I'll need to revise and clothes for three weeks including Christmas and NYE. Fun times.

So, here are some tips that helped me when packing light or at least trying to. 


Before thinking of what you might need in case of an alien invasion, think of what you absolutely 100% will need - i.e. a few jeans and jumpers, PJs, etc. When it comes to clothes, don't pack more outfits than days you'll be away for because no, you're not going to accidentally spill wine on your blouse so you don't need that extra outfit. 


Because I am very lazy when it comes to packing and I really dread it, I could never be bothered to plan outfits when packing. What I did was choose all my favourite clothes and chuck them in my suitcase which resulted in me packing shirt I could then not wear because they didn't go with any of my bottoms. I've also restrained myself from packing multiple outfits for one event (such as NYE), one dress will do and if I like it now I'll like it in three weeks. 


I don't have acne prone skin and, unless I eat a lot of greasy foods, my skin kind of behaves so I don't need a lot of products to treat acne or spots. However, for some reason I stress out if I travel without every single skincare product I won. Or at least, I used to. Now, I've limited myself to the essentials: miscellar water to remove make up, moisturiser and daily scrub. Realistically, this is all I need to make sure my skin is happy so there is no need to pack 100 products.


Shoes are big and they take up A LOT of space, sadly. So do no pack five pairs of shoes if you're going away for a week or two, you don't nee do many. I know it, and you know it. I usually pack a pair of trainers (usually my black ones as they go with everything) and also a pair of boots. If I know I'll be dressing up on some occasions I might bring a pair of heels. I'll wear the chunkier shoes, usually the boots, to save some space. 

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