Sunday, 4 December 2016


I’ve probably said that many times before - I ABSOLUTELY love Christmas. I am not joking when I say I scream “Christmas tree” every time I see one on the street, I feel kind of sorry for my friends… soz. 

To be honest, what I love the most about the holidays is buying presents for other people. But, not going to lie, I also love getting some (who doesn’t). I have realised that as I grow older and older I find it harder to give an answer when my mom asks me what I want this year. I got over toys many years ago and, even though some clothes or fancy make up never hurt nobody, I don’t necessarily need them. 

This is why this year I decided to get a bit more creative or imaginative and, instead of sharing a wishlist talking about MAC, Urban Decay and other high end brands that I very much love, I decided to share with you my truest wishes - those that no one can buy and put under my tree for me to open on December, 25th. 

  • A first class degree in Chemistry from my university 
  • More than 24 hours in a day
  • Needing less than 8 hours a day to be rested
  • A well-written report (10,000 words preferentially) on my final year project (which I’m not too sure I am legally allowed to talk about, so let’s keep the mystery going).
  • A city that combines my favourite things from Spain and my beloved city, London
  • A perfect posh British accent
  • Perfect French grammar and pronunciation
  • Being 14 for a day again
  • Being 35 for a day
  • Predicting my January exam’s questions
  • Having more than a Christmas Day
  • Never growing old
  • Being able to make everyone happy
  • Always being confident
  • A beautiful white Christmas

What do you want this Christmas?

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