Thursday, 22 December 2016


With Christmas and NYE (and my birthday...) around the corner, it is easier than usual to be a slacker and ignore all the work piling up on your desk. Most people, whether you are a student or have a full-time job, are likely to have something else to do during the festive period apart from eating highly caloric foods and spending times with your loved ones.

I myself have finals right after my Christmas break, and to make it even worse it's the only final I have in the WHOLE year... so guess who has no room for mistakes. Yes, me. Therefore, I need to get my life together and prioritise studying over some social events. It's not fun but there are some ways to make this slightly easier.


Most people make planes later in the day, no one goes for brunch at 8AM or has a coffee date at 9AM. So by waking up earlier you'll give yourself more time to get things done and finish earlier so that you can go out with your friends or family. What I always try to do is to make plans always after 6PM because I know that by that time my brain has given up so I won't be revising. 


It's all about being productive, the less time you waster the more time you'll have to do fun things. So instead of watching three episodes of the Kardashians turn off your TV and revise, reply to e-mails or do whatever you have to do. Be productive. 


Whilst you shouldn't be out and about 24/7 if you have work to do, you shouldn't be working or studying 24/7 either. Being burn out is frustrating and not nice so avoid it by having some down time and do take a few days off!


Try to make whatever you're doing entertaining and interesting to you, this way it will be less dreadful. Whether it is by listening to some music, by indulging on some hot chocolate whilst working or by finding a genuine interest in your work. It will make thinks SO MUCH easier.


I find that it always helps to talk to my friends who are also revising. As bad as it sounds, knowing that there are other people who can't take two weeks off and are also at home revising like there's no tomorrow makes me feel somewhat better. 


I can't do spontaneous plans, not during the holidays. I have a lot of work to do and I need to organise myself so that I know that this day I have to finish at this time because I'm meeting X for dinner. By knowing what I'll be doing that day I can make sure I wake up early enough or take a shorter lunch break to get everything done.

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Friday, 16 December 2016


I am a massive over packer, I like to have everything I might need when I'm not at home- anything from face masks to all my different trainers. I guess it's because I like to have options instead of having only two jumpers and one pair of jeans. I also tend to overpack A LOT when it comes to skincare, I need all my scrubs, creams, toners, miscellar waters, etc. 

Let's be honest, I'll only end up using like 1% of what I pack anyway.

I am going back to Spain for the holidays soon. When booking the flight I refused to check in a bag purely because I didn't fancy paying the outrageous prices; this means I am left with a carry on and a handbag to pack all my books I'll need to revise and clothes for three weeks including Christmas and NYE. Fun times.

So, here are some tips that helped me when packing light or at least trying to. 


Before thinking of what you might need in case of an alien invasion, think of what you absolutely 100% will need - i.e. a few jeans and jumpers, PJs, etc. When it comes to clothes, don't pack more outfits than days you'll be away for because no, you're not going to accidentally spill wine on your blouse so you don't need that extra outfit. 


Because I am very lazy when it comes to packing and I really dread it, I could never be bothered to plan outfits when packing. What I did was choose all my favourite clothes and chuck them in my suitcase which resulted in me packing shirt I could then not wear because they didn't go with any of my bottoms. I've also restrained myself from packing multiple outfits for one event (such as NYE), one dress will do and if I like it now I'll like it in three weeks. 


I don't have acne prone skin and, unless I eat a lot of greasy foods, my skin kind of behaves so I don't need a lot of products to treat acne or spots. However, for some reason I stress out if I travel without every single skincare product I won. Or at least, I used to. Now, I've limited myself to the essentials: miscellar water to remove make up, moisturiser and daily scrub. Realistically, this is all I need to make sure my skin is happy so there is no need to pack 100 products.


Shoes are big and they take up A LOT of space, sadly. So do no pack five pairs of shoes if you're going away for a week or two, you don't nee do many. I know it, and you know it. I usually pack a pair of trainers (usually my black ones as they go with everything) and also a pair of boots. If I know I'll be dressing up on some occasions I might bring a pair of heels. I'll wear the chunkier shoes, usually the boots, to save some space. 

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Monday, 12 December 2016


It's almost Christmas!! Well, by almost I mean a couple of weeks away but same thing. I absolutely love Christmas - not only do I get to eat delicious food but there are many occasions where I get to dress up and wear fancy clothes. I love planning my Christmas and NYE outfits and make them festive but classy. Think velvet, gold detailing and dark reds. 

I've personally already (kind of) decided what I'm going to wear but if you're still looking for THE outfit, take a look at the fabulous women's dresses (specially the women's cocktail dresses, which is my favourite) from Fashionmia* and get some inspiration! 

Fashionmia offers a wide variety of cheap dresses for women - anything from elegant cocktail dresses to sexy cocktail dresses. So whatever your style is, you're bound to find something perfect for you! They all are such cute dresses, it was a struggle picking my favourites to share with you guys. If you're anything like me and don't fancy spending a fortune on clothes that you're probably not going to wear too often (I don't attend fancy galas every week...), Fashionmia is the place to go for cheap cocktail dresses! 

How pretty are these though! I specially love the velvety red bodycon; it would look amazing with nude heels and gold jewellery - SO CHRISTMASSY. I also adore the black one with gold detailing, it looks so elegant and classy. Something a women who has her life together would wear, so let's all pretend we are that women and that we've got our shit together, yeah?  

I could keep going on and on about how much I love these dresses  but I'm gonna stop annoying you now, and let you enjoy these dresses in peace. Let me know what you're planning on wearing for Christmas/NYE! 
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Sunday, 4 December 2016


I’ve probably said that many times before - I ABSOLUTELY love Christmas. I am not joking when I say I scream “Christmas tree” every time I see one on the street, I feel kind of sorry for my friends… soz. 

To be honest, what I love the most about the holidays is buying presents for other people. But, not going to lie, I also love getting some (who doesn’t). I have realised that as I grow older and older I find it harder to give an answer when my mom asks me what I want this year. I got over toys many years ago and, even though some clothes or fancy make up never hurt nobody, I don’t necessarily need them. 

This is why this year I decided to get a bit more creative or imaginative and, instead of sharing a wishlist talking about MAC, Urban Decay and other high end brands that I very much love, I decided to share with you my truest wishes - those that no one can buy and put under my tree for me to open on December, 25th. 

  • A first class degree in Chemistry from my university 
  • More than 24 hours in a day
  • Needing less than 8 hours a day to be rested
  • A well-written report (10,000 words preferentially) on my final year project (which I’m not too sure I am legally allowed to talk about, so let’s keep the mystery going).
  • A city that combines my favourite things from Spain and my beloved city, London
  • A perfect posh British accent
  • Perfect French grammar and pronunciation
  • Being 14 for a day again
  • Being 35 for a day
  • Predicting my January exam’s questions
  • Having more than a Christmas Day
  • Never growing old
  • Being able to make everyone happy
  • Always being confident
  • A beautiful white Christmas

What do you want this Christmas?

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Thursday, 1 December 2016


I am much more productive in the morning, so waking up a couple of hours before class to get some work done makes a huge difference in my productivity.  Not only that but I hate hate hate being rushed to make it to my 9AM lecture on time.  A few months ago, a couple of weeks after starting uni, I decided to start waking up earlier to make the most of the day. 

I personally think everyone can be a morning person if you train your body and truly want to start making the most of our mornings. Of course, some people prefer to wake up at 11AM and work late at night so it just depends on what you prefer! 

If you are trying to be a morning person or trying to get out of bed before noon - maybe it’s one of you're New Year’s resolutions (HOW is it almost 2017?? SERIOUSLY!) - here you have some tips that helped me.


I used to always wake up at different times, depending on when my first lecture or appointment was. Now, I wake up between 6:30AM and 7:30AM every day even if I don’t have to go to uni until 11AM. After a few weeks, your body will get used to it and getting up will be much easier. Try to wake up early-ish on weekends too, as painful as it might be, it will be worth it!


Going along the same lines, if you’re waking up at the same time every day you should also go to bed at the same time if you want to get 7-8 hours of sleep (which you should). I used to go to bed at 10PM every day but I realised that getting more than 8 hours of sleep made me even more tired. Now, I go to bed between 10:45PM and 11:30PM. Going to bed at a similar time every day makes it much easier to fall asleep since your body is “expecting it”.


Whether it is reading magazines whilst having your coffee, doing yoga, cooking a nice lunch or having a proper cooked breakfast. Find something that makes you want to get out of bed in the morning. For me it is to be able to have my coffee in peace and to make a smoothie without having to down it. I also love how quiet everything is in the morning! 


I genuinely wouldn’t be able to get out of bed at 7AM during winter if I didn’t have the heating on. Mine is set so that it turns on before I wake up, this way I never wake up to a freezing cold room which makes me want to stay under my duvet forever. 


I never never never close my blinds. There is nothing I hate more than waking up to a dark room. When your room is bright and you can see the sun rising, getting up is not so hard. Moreover, your body releases a hormone that biologically makes you sleepy when it’s dark so that doesn’t help! 

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