Wednesday, 16 November 2016


It doesn’t matter how creative you are, you’ve probably been stuck at some point thinking “What on earth do I write about?!” 

Been there, done that. 

Over the years I have realised that there are certain things that really help me get some inspiration and, since I am pretty sure I am not the only person who is in this situation more often that I wished, I thought I would share with you my best ways to get creative! 


If I am not rushed in time, this is probably what helps me the most. It can’t be any movie though, it’s usually bad-ass action movies where the main character is a movie. One of my faves is Never (literally love that movie), I guess seeing bad-ass women kick some ass inspires me.

Fake online shopping

What does this mean you may ask, well, it means going on your favourite online store and ‘pretend’ you’re shopping. The reason why I like that is because I imagine outfits in my head and usually inspires me to write some fashion posts about latest trends or outfit ideas.


Everyone knows that the best ideas are thought of in the shower. It’s like dark magic, no one knows why but it’s true. I’m pretty sure I have had most of my best ideas while showering so you know, if you’re ever stuck, go wash your hair!


This is quite intuitive - reading through many posts from other bloggers is a very easy way to pick up some ideas and get inspired. 

Forgetting about it

Sometimes the best way to come up with new ideas it to forget about and do other things. So go out with your friends, go for a run or just go cook something! Anything to take your mind off things, you never know when you'll get inspired! 

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