Tuesday, 22 November 2016


Even though I think Christmas doesn't officially start until after Thanksgiving, it's mid November so I guess it's about time to do a Christmassy post. 

Christmas is my favourite time of the year by far. It's not only when I get to go home and see my family, but it's also my birthday and there's yummy food around every day. Also, there is just something magical about this celebration, it makes me feel happy. I love getting into this "festive spirit" and I do take everything related to Christmas very seriously - from wrapping the presents to decorating the house. 

There are a few things or "traditions" I like to do every year to get into the mood and feel like it's Christmas in November.

Christmas music

Being honest, I start listening to Christmas music in October #noshame. I love Michale Bublé and Glee. I am currently listening to a list on Spotify crated by a friend of mine and it's honestly amazing - it has all the classics and some other cool songs I didn't know. My Spotify is: so you can follow me to see what I'm listening to!

Fairy lights

Some people have fairy light on the whole year around but I like to save them for Christmas, or winter in general. It makes the room look so cosy!

Eggnog latte

Call me basic but Starbucks' eggnog latte is what makes Christmas Christmas. It tastes exactly like the holidays would taste like.... if they had a flavour. Frothy lattes with nutmeg in red cups is how I start most of my morning from November until mid December.

Ice Rinks

The first sign that Christmas are coming is when I see that the Natural History Museum's ice rink is being built, once again. I walk past it almost every morning on my way to uni, so the day that it's finished and the massive tree is up: CHRISTMAS TIME!! Even though that's probably around Halloween, so a TAD early but makes me feel Christmassy nonetheless and I love ice skating!

Buying Presents

I am the kind of person who loves buying presents for other people and I am the complete opposite to a last-minute Christmas shopper. It's mid-November and I have most of my presents sorted already - this is how excited I get about Christmas. The one thing that really gets me into a festive mood though is wrapping presents. Cute wrapping paper, ribbon, name tags... this is all I need to be happy.

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