Saturday, 19 November 2016


This is my fourth Christmas in a row that I will spend revising for finals. It's not only annoying because all I want to do during the holidays is drink hot chocolate and chill with my sister, but it's also extremely inconvenient as I have a lot of 'social events' for Christmas' Eve, New Year's Eve, New Year's Day, my birthday, etc. Therefore, I have kind of mastered the art of revising when there's no time to revise.

There are some apps and websites that are literally what have gotten me through university - I would 100% mention them in my dissertation's acknowledgements but I don't think my supervisor would appreciate it... Anyway, if you have exams coming up or are interested in finding new online tools to help you revise, this is your post!

Rainy Mood

Unlike some people, I can't listen to music when I'm revising. It is too distracting. However, the silence can be a bit too much and can honestly drive me insane. What I like to do is to listen to Rainy Mood, which is just the sound of rain and thunders which I find very relaxing and it helps me concentrate.

Mendeley Desktop

This is super handy if you study science or read a lot of papers. I started using these to organise the hundreds of papers I had to read to write a literature review last year. It is the best way to keep all the papers in one place and to annotate them. 

Focus Keeper

This is an app which is basically a timer but better. What it does is it prevent you from burning out by making you focus for short periods of time and taking a "long" break every four sessions. To be honest the only reason why I use this is because it makes it more fun, I don't know if this "only focus for 25min at a time" works or not, but the app adds some excitement to my otherwise boring revision life. 


The reason why I use Evernote is because I like to write things to down to either test myself or to visualise things a bit more clearly. I like evernote because I can have all my notes in one place and can organise them in chapters or subjects. I also love that I can sync it with my phone so I can read them when I'm not at home - if you see me on my phone at a club I'm 100% reading my notes on Plastic Electronics. 

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