Wednesday, 19 October 2016


Being sick sucks. It’s one thing to decide to be lazy and stay in bed watching Netflix all day, but being forced to stay in bed all day is the worst. Wanting to get some work done but feeling so down and so sick that it’s physically impossible to do anything is far from fun. However, there are some things I usually do when I get sick that make me feel slightly more productive and a bit better.


I can do it from bed and it’s not TOO hard so my brain and my infected body can deal with it without collapsing. It’s also a good excuse to watch some YouTube videos and browse Pinterest. 


I love cooking a nice homemade meal when I feel sick, it’s a good way to keep yourself occupied without having to do much physical exercise or having to think a lot. Eating veggies and good food will also help you feel slightly better and a bit less ill.


Looooong hot showers are wonderful.


It’s the best part about being ill (if there’s any good part about it). I don’t usually have much free time to read so being ill it’s a perfect excuse to spend the afternoon reading my favourite book without feeling guilty.

Clean my room 

Sometimes staying in bed makes you feel even more ill than getting up and doing something. I personally can’t deal with school when I’m not at my 100% but I try to do some cleaning and organise my room. Having a pretty room also makes me feel better and like I’ve got my shit together. 


Other than meds, sleep is the best way to get better faster. Getting some extra hours of sleep never fails to make me feel better! 

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