Monday, 31 October 2016


Commuting is something that most people dread, specially in winter, but there’s no way around it. You’re not gonna magically tele transport to work or school. Some people have to drive (a very few lucky ones are driven), some take the bus, the train, the tube and some even take a plane. 

I am quite average and just take the tube. And let me tell you, a lot of things go through my mind during my walk to the station and the 20min journey to uni, most of which are just random and pointless but I thought I would share them with you because this is the Internet and TMI is no longer a thing. 

It all starts at home, right before leaving when I have to choose my coat.

‘It better not start raining on my way to the station’
‘Is it gonna be cold, do I need a scarf?’
‘But then I’ll have to carry it all day’
‘Nah, it’s still October it can’t be that cold’

(And these thoughts are exactly what led me to my current state - with no voice and barely being able to breath)

Then it continues as I walk to the station…

‘Crap, it is cold’
‘I swear it wasn’t that cold yesterday’
‘It’s okay, if I walk fast I’ll warm up’
‘Get out of my way people, I am late and you’re making me even later’
‘No, lovely lady, now it’s not a good time to randomly stop in the middle of the street’
‘omg I hate running up the stairs, I am so unfit. I need to gym.’
‘I’ll text my friend and see if she wants to gym with me’
‘Where did I put my Oyster? I need to stop chucking it in my bag and hoping for the best’

When I get to the station and on my train, that’s when the real random thoughts make a big appearance.

‘Let’s see how many fit bankers we can spot in this District Line’
‘Ooooh, you don’t look like a banker but you’re not too bad’
‘You look Italian… say something so I can see if I’m right’
‘OH YES, my Italian radar never fails’
‘Why is there no free seat? It’s 8AM I can’t deal with life’
‘Do I have time to grab some coffee before class?
‘I probably do, I rather have coffee than being early’
‘What should I have for dinner tonight?’
‘I’m feeling something healthy… ooh I could have some soup’
‘And some hot chocolate after, yes perfect autumn evening’
‘Even though I should probably stay in the library until late, I have so much work to do’
‘What’s the next station? Shit, am I in the right train?’
‘omg omg please tell me this is the right branch’
‘Oh phew, it’s all good’
‘Why is there so many people in this train. PERSONAL SPACE PEOPLE, PERSONAL SPACE’
‘Omg yess, a free seat’
‘Oh ffs, I only have one station left’
‘People, no need to press the button. It won’t make the doors open any faster’
‘Okay now everyone get out of my way, I am laaaate’

Me as soon as I walk into class: ‘FFS forgot to get coffee, this is gonna be a fun lecture!’

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