Friday, 28 October 2016


Would I really be a blogger if I weren’t obsessed with cute notebooks, and stationery in general? Then answer to this question is a big NO. I think the reason why most blogger own a lot of pretty notebooks is 

  1. because we like to write (duh)  
  2. because most blogger have a very busy life so notebooks and planners is a great way to be organised 
  3. because they look good in photos so it’s actually an investment (or that’s what we tell ourselves)

I enjoy reading posts about stationery and I am pretty sure I am not the only one so I decided to share my small collection of pretty notebooks I have collected over the past few months. I personally think they are all super cute so here they go!


This one was featured in one of my recent posts where I talked about some of my latest purchases. I got it from Urban Outfitters for about £15, they have other designs if marble isn’t your thing. 

I was on the look out for a planner and even though I prefer weekly ones, I just couldn’t resist to this one. I like that it has a section for notes inside so I can dot sown random thoughts or things to rememeber. It also has a “today’s obejective” section, which can be used to write down inspirational quotes and stuff, but I am cool and use it to write down what day of the week it is (you know: Monday, Tuesday, etc).


This pretty notebook, the A stands for Ariadna, is from Tiger. I got it a few months ago and I think it was £5 or less, so pretty cheap! I used to use this to write down random to do lists and just about anything. But now I have decided to use it to brainstorm post ideas and any blog related stuff. I love that the paper isn’t whit, it’s more like beige. I feel like it looks fancier and makes me feel like a pro. 


I initially bought this notebook with no purpose whatsoever. I liked it because I think it looks similar to one from Kate Spade (whoch is like three times the price). I got it from Paperchase for about £7. Eventually I decided to use it as a diary. Now, I have to admit I suck at it. My life is too hectic that I often either forget or am too tired to sit down and write. But I try and the though it what counts right?


This is probably the cutest notebook I have ever seen. It’s from Kate Spade and I got it for my birthday, I think it costs about £18. I absolutely LOVE it, it’s made of an holographic material which looks super cool under the sun or any light and it has engraved the sentence “Pretty Little Thing”. I always keep it on my bedside table, together with a pen, and I write down random thought I have when I’m in bed. Anything from posts ideas to random dreams I have that I want to remember. 

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