Monday, 31 October 2016


Commuting is something that most people dread, specially in winter, but there’s no way around it. You’re not gonna magically tele transport to work or school. Some people have to drive (a very few lucky ones are driven), some take the bus, the train, the tube and some even take a plane. 

I am quite average and just take the tube. And let me tell you, a lot of things go through my mind during my walk to the station and the 20min journey to uni, most of which are just random and pointless but I thought I would share them with you because this is the Internet and TMI is no longer a thing. 

It all starts at home, right before leaving when I have to choose my coat.

‘It better not start raining on my way to the station’
‘Is it gonna be cold, do I need a scarf?’
‘But then I’ll have to carry it all day’
‘Nah, it’s still October it can’t be that cold’

(And these thoughts are exactly what led me to my current state - with no voice and barely being able to breath)

Then it continues as I walk to the station…

‘Crap, it is cold’
‘I swear it wasn’t that cold yesterday’
‘It’s okay, if I walk fast I’ll warm up’
‘Get out of my way people, I am late and you’re making me even later’
‘No, lovely lady, now it’s not a good time to randomly stop in the middle of the street’
‘omg I hate running up the stairs, I am so unfit. I need to gym.’
‘I’ll text my friend and see if she wants to gym with me’
‘Where did I put my Oyster? I need to stop chucking it in my bag and hoping for the best’

When I get to the station and on my train, that’s when the real random thoughts make a big appearance.

‘Let’s see how many fit bankers we can spot in this District Line’
‘Ooooh, you don’t look like a banker but you’re not too bad’
‘You look Italian… say something so I can see if I’m right’
‘OH YES, my Italian radar never fails’
‘Why is there no free seat? It’s 8AM I can’t deal with life’
‘Do I have time to grab some coffee before class?
‘I probably do, I rather have coffee than being early’
‘What should I have for dinner tonight?’
‘I’m feeling something healthy… ooh I could have some soup’
‘And some hot chocolate after, yes perfect autumn evening’
‘Even though I should probably stay in the library until late, I have so much work to do’
‘What’s the next station? Shit, am I in the right train?’
‘omg omg please tell me this is the right branch’
‘Oh phew, it’s all good’
‘Why is there so many people in this train. PERSONAL SPACE PEOPLE, PERSONAL SPACE’
‘Omg yess, a free seat’
‘Oh ffs, I only have one station left’
‘People, no need to press the button. It won’t make the doors open any faster’
‘Okay now everyone get out of my way, I am laaaate’

Me as soon as I walk into class: ‘FFS forgot to get coffee, this is gonna be a fun lecture!’

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Friday, 28 October 2016


Would I really be a blogger if I weren’t obsessed with cute notebooks, and stationery in general? Then answer to this question is a big NO. I think the reason why most blogger own a lot of pretty notebooks is 

  1. because we like to write (duh)  
  2. because most blogger have a very busy life so notebooks and planners is a great way to be organised 
  3. because they look good in photos so it’s actually an investment (or that’s what we tell ourselves)

I enjoy reading posts about stationery and I am pretty sure I am not the only one so I decided to share my small collection of pretty notebooks I have collected over the past few months. I personally think they are all super cute so here they go!


This one was featured in one of my recent posts where I talked about some of my latest purchases. I got it from Urban Outfitters for about £15, they have other designs if marble isn’t your thing. 

I was on the look out for a planner and even though I prefer weekly ones, I just couldn’t resist to this one. I like that it has a section for notes inside so I can dot sown random thoughts or things to rememeber. It also has a “today’s obejective” section, which can be used to write down inspirational quotes and stuff, but I am cool and use it to write down what day of the week it is (you know: Monday, Tuesday, etc).


This pretty notebook, the A stands for Ariadna, is from Tiger. I got it a few months ago and I think it was £5 or less, so pretty cheap! I used to use this to write down random to do lists and just about anything. But now I have decided to use it to brainstorm post ideas and any blog related stuff. I love that the paper isn’t whit, it’s more like beige. I feel like it looks fancier and makes me feel like a pro. 


I initially bought this notebook with no purpose whatsoever. I liked it because I think it looks similar to one from Kate Spade (whoch is like three times the price). I got it from Paperchase for about £7. Eventually I decided to use it as a diary. Now, I have to admit I suck at it. My life is too hectic that I often either forget or am too tired to sit down and write. But I try and the though it what counts right?


This is probably the cutest notebook I have ever seen. It’s from Kate Spade and I got it for my birthday, I think it costs about £18. I absolutely LOVE it, it’s made of an holographic material which looks super cool under the sun or any light and it has engraved the sentence “Pretty Little Thing”. I always keep it on my bedside table, together with a pen, and I write down random thought I have when I’m in bed. Anything from posts ideas to random dreams I have that I want to remember. 

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Monday, 24 October 2016


If you love autumn fashion, please raise your hand.

It’s that time of the year again, when I get super excited because it starts to get colder again and I go a bit overboard with online shopping. But who can say no to cute and cosy jumpers and soft scarves. I have also been a tiny bit obsessed with chokers recently so I ‘needed’ to get some more…

Anyway, I’m going to stop rambling now and show you what I got. All of this stuff is from - they have the cutest clothes and everything is quite affordable too! 


I got two chokers because I can never have enough. They are both black (obviously). One of them is a black lace choker which I think is absolutely adorable and will look great with anything, and the other one is just plain black with a little charm which looks a bit more casual and edgy. 

Grey Scarf 

Scarves remind me on of duvets, they make me feel cosy and warm. Which is probably why I love them so much and why I can barely ever leave the house without one. I got this lovely grey scarf from Zaful - it is the softest and comfiest thing ever! 

Black Lace Bralette

I went from always wearing a bra to literally not being able to wear one because I just find them to uncomfortable now. Blame bralettes. So why not get another one. This black lace bralette is so cute, and love straps going from the centre of the chest to the shoulders, it will look adorable with a low cut t-shirt in summer! 


I got a bit obsessed with what I called zig zag tops, which are these tops that lace up in the middle that have been super trendy this summer. So, of course, I had to get the jumper version. I got one in a creamy/beige colour - that looks great styled with some black skinny jeans and Chelsea boots - and a green one which also looks great with black jeans because, let’s face it, I only ever wear black jeans.

Leopard Print Shirt

This is something I never thought I would get as I used to hate hate hate leopard print but now I kind of love it…So I got my first ever item of clothing which has any sort of animal print on it, be proud. I think it looks so cute and I can’t wait to wear it to brunch sometime soon!

If you want to see how I style some of these items you can follow my Instagram, I'll be posting some outfit photos there! 
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Wednesday, 19 October 2016


Being sick sucks. It’s one thing to decide to be lazy and stay in bed watching Netflix all day, but being forced to stay in bed all day is the worst. Wanting to get some work done but feeling so down and so sick that it’s physically impossible to do anything is far from fun. However, there are some things I usually do when I get sick that make me feel slightly more productive and a bit better.


I can do it from bed and it’s not TOO hard so my brain and my infected body can deal with it without collapsing. It’s also a good excuse to watch some YouTube videos and browse Pinterest. 


I love cooking a nice homemade meal when I feel sick, it’s a good way to keep yourself occupied without having to do much physical exercise or having to think a lot. Eating veggies and good food will also help you feel slightly better and a bit less ill.


Looooong hot showers are wonderful.


It’s the best part about being ill (if there’s any good part about it). I don’t usually have much free time to read so being ill it’s a perfect excuse to spend the afternoon reading my favourite book without feeling guilty.

Clean my room 

Sometimes staying in bed makes you feel even more ill than getting up and doing something. I personally can’t deal with school when I’m not at my 100% but I try to do some cleaning and organise my room. Having a pretty room also makes me feel better and like I’ve got my shit together. 


Other than meds, sleep is the best way to get better faster. Getting some extra hours of sleep never fails to make me feel better! 

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Sunday, 16 October 2016


This is a bit of a random post. All of the posts that have gone up in the past two or three weeks have all been scheduled as I knew that moving back to London and starting uni would be a bit hectic (and indeed it was) and I had the urge to write something. 

Basically I am a bit obsessed with two recent purchases and I wanted to share them with you as I think many of you will probably like them too. 

We all like new shiny things don’t we?

First thing is my new planner/journal. I have been on the hunt for a new school planner since July and the only ones I could find that were under £20 were either very ugly or I had to pay like £50 for shipping. And then, one day I was browsing Urban Outfitters as you do and I came across this beauty.

Initially I wanted the cheetah one as I personally think it looks so professional and fancy - and turns out one of my favourite Instagramers, Gigi Vives, has it too - but when I went in-store to get it I really loved the marble one too. So after, a big discussion with my friends and my sister I decided to get the marble one. And HOW PRETTY.

The other thing I got that I have been obsessed with are these chokers/necklaces from Primark. I haven’t had the chance to wear it yet, I’ve just been staring at them in my room. I like how they are different lengths so you can layer them and you can even add a black velvet choker, it looks fab. I think they were about £2 but they look so much more expensive, so it’s a great deal! 

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Tuesday, 11 October 2016


I think it’s fair to say that I love shopping, getting new things I love makes me happy and lifts my mood. I think that’s something a lot of people can relate to, hence why consumism is a thing. One thing I don’t like though is having to take a busy tube to go to the high street, where I’ll have to deal with tourists walking slow, kids screaming and running and annoying people in general, when I could be buying whatever I need online. 

However, the Internet is a big - more like massive - place and it’s easy to get lost when browsing the net shopping. That’s when catalogues come in handy. We all now about old-school physical catalogues, the ones your mom used to use (not saying your mom is old-school, I’m sure she’s a lovely gal). But you know what’s even better than those, online catalogues that you can check and browse from the comfort of your sofa whilst watching Grey’s Anatomy and drinking homemade coffee.* is one of my favourite places , if not my favourite, to browse catalogues. They have everything, from fashion to home appliances. You can choose where in the UK you live and they’ll show you what catalogues are available in your region. Then, you can choose what kind of items you want to browse - men’s fashion, electronics, women’s fashion, electronics, etc. This way, they make sure you find the right one for you and don’t waste your time.

I never used to use catalogues before finding out about lovecatalogues but now I can’t go back. It’s so much easier to see everything I am looking for, and it’s all together in one place instead of scattered all around my many opened taps on Safari. 

If you’re like me and prefer to shop online, I would definitley recommend giving lovecatalogues a try!! 

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Wednesday, 5 October 2016


I am a big tech fan. I am that person who will sit down and watch all the Apple Conferences live feeling like a child on Christmas day. One of my favourite days of the year is when the new iOS comes out and I get to update my phone.

And I’ve got no shame. 

Thus, I also love reading and getting accessories for my phone and laptop - anything from headphones to portable chargers. 


Now that the iPhone 7 no longer has a headphone jack and so owners are forced to either use an adaptor or use Bluetooth/wireless headphones, the wireless headphone industry is going to reach a new level. Because, let’s face it, A LOT of people have iPhones and they’re going to be buy-in headphones. However, choosing which ones to buy is a tough task. The market is flooded with different types and different brands and it can be overwhelming. I recently found a website,*,  and they have great lists ranking the best headphones by categories  - wireless, waterproof, sports, etc. 


One essential phone accessory is a charger. Gone are the days when people use to go around with their charger in their bags and going to Starbucks just to use the sockets. Powerbanks are the best way to charge your phone on the go, because nowadays we all rely on our phones to do everything. Dewired also has great articles about various chargers and the pros and cons of all of them, making it super easy to choose which one’s the best for you and you're lifestyle.


Finally, let’s talk about what’s maybe the least essential phone accessory - speakers. It might not be a must-have, but it is definitley a great thing to have as most phones’ speakers are not too amazing. My speakers are always on when I’m chilling with friends, or even when i’m just getting ready or cleaning the house. Again, Dewired has brilliant articles explaining the different types of speakers that are available in the market so you should definitley check those out before buying one! 

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Sunday, 2 October 2016


I remember when I started blogging a few years ago. I didn't know much about this world, and I certainly didn't know about all the free resources and useful websites that there are out there. From free fronts to free HQ images.

This is why I thought I would share some of my favourite and most useful (to me, at least) websites and maybe help someone who's looking for free online tools! 


I use this website to get free high resolution photos for my posts when I either don't have time to take photos or when I want photos of landscapes or certain things I can't take pics of. This can come in very handy when you're in a rush and don't have time to take photos and edit them, because we all know it can take a loong time. 


This is a great site to get free fonts for personal use, they have such a wide variety of styles and they keep uploading more and more. You can preview what the font looks like before downloading it so you know if it's the style you're looking for or not. 


If you love writing as much as I do, or if you just want to improve your writing skills, is the perfect website. It gives you a random word every day and 60 seconds to write whatever you want about it. Then you can share it and read what other users have written, I find it so interesting to read what other people has written!


If you don't fancy spending a significant amount of money on paid image editors like Photoshop, Picmonkey is a great alternative. It has all the basic and necessary tools and you can get Premium to get extra fonts and some fancier stuff. 


Blogger is known for not being very accurate when recording traffic data. Google Analytics works wonderful, and it's super easy to use too. 
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