Monday, 1 August 2016


Not gonna lie, I binge watch shows all year around. But I only do it guilt-free during the summer when I’ve got no work to do and no exams or deadlines coming up. Recently I’ve been really into crime TV shows, I find them so interesting and I love guessing who the ‘bad guy’ is or how the investigation is going to end. 

Some of these TV shows I watch them on TV whenever they’re on and some others I spend hours on my laptop watching episode after episode. Here are my favourites.

The Catch 

A few friends had told me about this new show by Shonda Rhimes and, since I love Grey’s Anatomy, I decided to give it a go. I ended up watching the first season in a week and can’t wait for it to come back. It’s about a P.I. whose perfect life crumbles down after her fiancé disappears.

Body of Proof 

This one reminds me quite a lot to Castle and it’s why I started watching it. The main character, Megan Hunt, is a forensic medical examiner and together with her team they solve homicides. The show was cancelled after three seasons, which is annoying because I loved it so much. 

Criminal Minds 

I have a love/hate relationship with this TV show. I like it because it’s about solving different kind of crimes like murder, fraud, etc but it can get quite dark and I get scared very easily so not ideal for me! But I still watch it and love it. 


That’s how my love for crime TV shows started, I love Castle and Beckett and their chemistry. I was hooked after only a few episodes and I couldn’t stop watching. Sadly, the last episode aired a few months ago so no more Castle even though I have been re-watching it from the beginning and I’m loving it even more. 

Hawaii Five-O 

This is one of those TV shows that I started watching during Easter Break when I was procrastinating and there was nothing else worth watching on TV. At first, I enjoyed watching it because 1) I love Hawaii and 2) I love crime solving anything. I also love Steve and Danny's chemistry #bromance. 

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