Wednesday, 10 August 2016


There are two things I can eat non-stop in summer: fruit and ice-cream. Thus, nothing makes me happier than eating a beautiful big bowl of iced cold and refreshing fruity ice-cream. I kid you not, I make ice-cream almost every day, whether it is for breakfast or as a snack; so I’ve pretty much mastered it and found which fruit combos work better (for me). Making healthy ice cream at home is ridiculously easy and quick and all you need is fruit, a freezer and a blender or food processor. 

Any fruits you like will work for this so experiment and try out different combinations to find your fave flavour. Today, I am going to share what I think is hands down the nicest ice cream flavour ever. 

INGREDIENTS (3-4 servings)

  • 100gr frozen pineapple
  • 150gr frozen melon
  • 100gr frozen strawberries
  • 50gr frozen papaya
  • 50gr icing sugar (optional)
  • 2tsp lemon juice
  • One egg white


The process is super easy. I use a Thermomix to do it so if you have one all you have to do is chuck everything inside and mix at velocity 5 for about 2min or until everything is smooth. 

If you use any other kind of blender or food processor the process is pretty similar: blend everything together until smooth making sure there are no chunks of frozen fruit that haven’t been blended. 

And voilĂ , you’ve got yourself some delicious ice-cream. As I said before, you could use any fruit you like but this combo is my fave! 

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