Sunday, 17 July 2016


It’s fair to say that we live in the world of technology. If I had to take only ONE item with me every time I leave the house I would 100% choose my phone - everything I need is in there, from my debit card to my university timetable. The only other thing I would probably need is my keys but I’ll figure that out later. Nowadays, more and more thing are becoming available online. There’s no need to leave your bed to eat you favourite pitaya bowl or to buy a new pair of trainers. The latter is what I want to talk about today.

Online shopping has quickly become the new way to shop, at least in big cities where items can be delivered in 24hrs and going to a shopping centre can be a nightmare due to overcrowding. I personally have been totally converted, when I first moved to London I would barely ever online shop. Fast forward three years and here I am, pretty much knowing my debit card number, end date and CVV number by hard. 

There are many online stores out there - hundreds of them. So when the time comes, it might be hard to choose which one to go for. One of my favourites, which I recently discovered, is They offer an amazing online catalogue shopping - basically you buy now and pay later. What that means is, you can buy anything you like/want and then spread the cost with a personal account to suit your budget. They also offer easy returns, which for me is a must as I tend to buy the same item in different colours and different sizes to see which one suits me better, and the last thing I want to do is stress over returning some clothes. 

It’s things like this which you will never find in store and it’s one of the reasons why I much prefer shopping online. Not only that but being able to calmly browse through the entire collection, seeing all the available colours, trying everything on at home with no rush and not having to venture into crazy Oxford Street to return a t-shirt are only some of the advantages of selling your soul to the online world.

This is obviously just my personal opinion and I do like going in stores from time to time, specially when I am back at home where shopping streets are much quieter and significantly less stressful than London! 

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