Monday, 11 July 2016


There are two things I love: cake and Pinterest. I'm not an amazing cook but I am sort of alright when it comes to baking, probably because enjoy eating cakes far more than I might enjoy a burger or pasta. However, I rarely bake when I am in London as I never got around to buy all the utensils I need and I never have any basic ingredients -flour, sugar, baking powder - at home. This is why wheneverI go back to Spain I love spending some time in the kitchen whipping up some delicious dessert. I usually stick to either healthy recipes, cupcakes and cookies. I don't think I have ever baked a proper cake unless helping my mom bake one counts. 

A few weeks ago I really got into Pinterest, specially into hoarding all the recipes for mouth-watering cakes; getting my Pinterest board ready for when I go home next week. If you've ever browsed the 'cake' tag on Pinterest, you'll know there is most definitely not a lack of variety and choosing which one you actually want to bake can indeed become somewhat tricky. 

In an attempt to make my job (and, in turn, yours too) a bit easier next week I've put together the recipes that look the yummiest - yet are achievable and do not require crazy ingredients or skills. Let's hope I don't end up going two sizes up by the end of summer #prayforariadna. 

Which of these recipes would you like to try?

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