Wednesday, 20 July 2016


Let me begin by saying one thing: I hate flying. I enjoy going to the airport, going through security, travelling and I even enjoy choosing my outfit or picking up my suitcase. But here is one thing I absolutely despise, spending time in planes. I don't only feel like I am wasting time but I only get ridiculously bored and all I can think about is how much more time I have left on that tiny uncomfortable seat.

This is exactly why I always try to have everything I might need in my handbag - from water to magazines to all sorts of chargers. This is what you'll usually find in my handbag whenever I'm on a plane. 


So these are my absolute must. I usually carry my phone, my laptop and my camera with me. I use my phone to listen to music, play games and take arty pics of pretty cloud. I only use my laptop if I have work to do and sometimes to watch movies but I rarely watch movies on planes. It's also great to have as I can use it to charge my phone. The only reason I carry my DSLR with me is because I know how badly they treat checked in suitcases. I also always carry headphones and all of my chargers.


The only make up I carry with me is lip balm - that is unless I need to go somewhere after landing, in which case I'll carry my make up essentials. I always have hand cream with me as well as my hands are always beyond dry and I peel like a snake. I like to carry my favourite perfume with me too.

Unless I'm flying at like 11PM, I always bring sunglasses with me (the bigger, the better). You know, to cover my sleep deprived face as much as possible. Something else you'll find in my handbag is a hoodie or a big scarf, just in case I get cold in the plane or at the airport. 


Finally,  as probably every other girl, I also have a lot of random stuff in my bag. First of all, I always carry some sort of snack - either fruit or a cereal bar -, chewing gum, keys and passport (obviously); as well as either a book or a magazine to read in the plane if I get bored. Finally, I also carry my notebook where I write down everything and anything - you never know when or where you'll get inspired! 

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