Friday, 17 June 2016


There is something about Sundays that makes me feel relaxed and happy. Maybe it’s the fact that I am allowed to sleep in and spend a few hours in bed enjoying my breakfast whilst reading my favourite book. Maybe it’s because of the many Sundays I’ve spent exploring London with friends. Or maybe it’s the mandatory Sunday brunch, yes, that’s probably it.

Sundays are my favourite days of the week. It’s the one day I allow myself to do whatever I want - to forget about uni work and to enjoy myself. I don’t have a ‘Sunday routine’ but there are certain things that I just love doing on Sundays. Here are a few of them.

I love waking up later than usual but not too late, otherwise I feel like I’m wasting my time - so around 10AM is the perfect time. Most days I can’t afford to stay in bed for long as I usually have somewhere to be. On Sundays, though, I love staying under the covers whilst having breakfast and either reading Elle’s newest issue or watching an episode or two of Sex & The City.

If I don’t have plans to go for brunch or explore London with friends, I love getting fresh flowers - if you know me you’ll know I’m obsessed with flowers, they make any room look so lively and happy, and they smell lovely. My favourites are lilies and peonies. I’m a bit OCD when it comes to what my bed looks/smells like so I oddly enjoy changing and washing my sheets. Nothing can compare to getting in bed and smelling freshly washed sheet and lilies. This is genuinely what I live for.

Many Sundays I’ll go for brunch with whoever is free - I’m always down for brunch. One of the best things about London is that there is always a new place to try and they are usually very Instagrammable which is a plus. My favourite places to go are The Good LIfe Eatery (they have the tastiest healthy food, their acai bowls are amazing ), The Breakfast Club (best pancakes ever) and Granger & Co (nothing can top their avocado on toast). I really want to try Farm Girl Cafe and The Wildflower Cafe, which are both in Notting Hill I believe.

If it’s not the nicest day outside - as it is the case many Sundays in London - I like to stay in and write some blog posts and sometimes, inevitably, I’ll have to do some uni work.

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