Saturday, 14 May 2016


As most of you may know, a few days ago Instagram redesigned their logo and changed the layout of the app, something that caused a lot of drama online - and in my life. When my friend told me about the update, I fell in love with the new ‘all-white and clean’ layout and went on the App Store to update my app. After the update, the icon changed to the new one - which I totally detest - but, inside, the app was like the ‘old’ one. You can’t even imagine how sad that made me, even though that could also be because I was in the library revising a really boring module.

In an attempt to get the new layout (yes, I really wanted it. Don’t judge), I decided to delete the app and download it again. When I tapped ‘Download’ and a message popped up saying ‘Unable to download. Verify iCloud account’, my heart stopped for a second. When I found out that to unlock my iCloud account I had to enter my date of birth, which I had faked when I made the account because I was 12 and stupid, I almost cried. Long story short, I had to call Apple Support and, after a long conversation and having my identity verified, I was told I would receive an e-mail in 24 hours to change my password and unlock my account. This had happened to me before  (my password is clearly so good that not even I can remember it) and I could survive 24 hours without iCloud. BUT this time, it meant I had to wait 24 hours to install Instagram. My worst nightmare. So, if you’re going to take anything from that story: DO NOT lie about your date of birth, karma is a bitch and it will get you.

During those 24 hours where I was deprived of my main form of entertainment, I realised how much I use Instagram. I kept unlocking my phone, to then remember I didn’t have the app anymore. It really annoyed me, to the point where I’m almost positive I was having withdrawal symptoms. The impact it actually had on me - and my mood - was like a wake up call. It’s somewhat amazing how dependent we’ve become to social media and how much our life revolves around it. The phrase ‘if it’s not on *insert social media name*, it didn’t happen’ it’s sadly true nowadays. What happened to doing something because you truly enjoy it, what happened to going to concerts to enjoy the music and not spending the whole evening snapchatting the whole thing, what happened to not spending the whole dinner texting your friend. I am guilty of doing all these things, without even realising, and I want it to stop. I’m still going to post on Instagram almost every day and I’ll still send ugly snapchats and tweet about how much fun I am having at the library, but let’s put the phone aside when we’re out and let’s appreciate our surroundings. Let's not allow social media control our actions.

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