Sunday, 29 May 2016


I’ve never had amazing hair, it’s always been quite dry and dull due to frequent exposure to the sun, salty water and lack of a haircare routine. I’ve now got shorter hair, which makes it easier to take care of but obviously that didn’t encourage me to actually take care of it. That is, until I discovered Percy & Reed’s Wonder Overnight Recovery.

My issue with haircare routines is that it takes a while to see results and they are, well routines, so you need to commit to them - and I’m not ready for that kind of commitment yet. What I love about this product is that I only have to use it once or twice a week, and it’s ridiculously effective.

The Wonder Overnight Recovery helps nourish and hydrate damaged hair, and it does so whilst I’m sleeping (that’s real beauty sleep for you, folks). The formula has natural proteins that help your hair retain the moisture (i.e. it hydrates it), and conditioning agents which gets rid of frizz -something I was in desperate need of- and gives the hair a healthy glow.

I apply it twice a week just before going to bed, I put some product on my fingers and massage it into my scalp working my way to the ends. It is quickly absorbed so my hair doesn’t feel sticky at all and it honestly feels like I haven’t used anything.

In the morning, I wash it out with some shampoo and my hair is feeling -and looking- softer and more hydrated than ever. And I haven’t even had to commit to a real haircare routine! Isn’t it great?

The only downside to this product is that I have to wash my hair in the morning and I prefer to shower at night (shower in the morning = less time to stay in bed) but I try to use it when I know I don’t have plans the following morning so I can still sleep in. Also, if you have long hair you might have to use quite a lot of product so it can be a bit expensive!

The product retails at £10 and it’s going to be available online and in-stores on June, 1st. However, you can get it with this month’s Elle issue before it’s released!!  

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Friday, 27 May 2016


Weddings are great, everyone loves them. Everyone gathers together in a nice venue with flowers and ribbons, dressed up in beautiful outfits to celebrate the love of two people. However, they can also be very stressful, especially if you’re the bride or the bridesmaid. All eyes will be on you and you have to look fabulous or you’ll regret it every time you see a picture (which will probably be more often than not).

Looking ready to slay can be very expensive - it is well known that wedding dresses are VERY expensive. This is what Cocomelody* is great. They offer a wide variety of designer wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses for a very affordable price, so that you and your bridesmaids can look like royalty without doing too much damage to your credit card!

Starting with their wedding gowns, they have anything from  fluffy ones who look like clouds and make you feel like you’re in a fairytale, to more fitted one who make you feel like you’re ready to take over the world. All of them at a very good price and amazing quality! And if you don’t believe me just take a look:

If what you’re looking for is gorgeous dresses for your bridesmaids Cocomelody is the place to go! They have many different designs and colours to choose from so you’re definitely bound to find the perfect ones. They also have convertible bridesmaid dresses, which I think are pretty cool as you can wear them in so many different way! Here are some of my favourites:

You can tailor all of their dresses so that they fit perfectly and you all look spectacular on the big day. Using the following discounts, you can also get free shipping and discount on bridesmaid dresses - and no one can say no to free shipping and discounts, am I right ladies?

If you’re looking for a real unbelievable deal, you should check their sale section where they have weekly deals and a clearance section.  You can find real gems there!

Have you ever bought any dress from Cocomelody? What's you dream wedding dress?

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Monday, 23 May 2016


I’m about to finish (if everything goes as planned) my third year of my chemistry degree and since my exams are in two days, I have nothing better to do than writing about what it’s like to spend 3 or 4 years of your life studying a science degree. It comes with a lot of great things, but it also has its cons. So whether you’re considering doing science in university or you’re just bored and looking for a fun read, this is the place -or website- to be!


1. One of the first things people tell me when I say I do chemistry is something along the lines “oh, you must be so clever!”. Regardless of it not being necessarily true, it’s pretty good for one’s self-esteem and, let’s be honest, it’s kind of nice to be told ‘how clever you are’ (don’t let it go to you head though…)

2. You feel VERY VERY cool when you know theories mentioned in movies like “Interstellar’ or you understand things like the role of lithium aluminium hydride in chemical reactions which was mentioned in a Castle episode (you don’t even understand how badass I felt when I watched that episode and knew what they were talking about before they explained it)

3. I guess you learn cool stuff in many degrees but I personally find science related things a bit more interesting, it’s not everyday that you learn how to treat cancer or how to make candles - coolest things I’ve leant in the three years of my chemistry degree so far. (P.S. No hate to all the other degrees).


1. It varied from uni to uni and depending on the degree but you’re probably going to spend A LOT of time in labs which can be very stressful and is quite likely to suck all the energy out of you, at least that’s the effect it has on me.

2. Sometimes you might use very specific vocab in everyday conversations with people who might not share your field of expertise, which might result in people giving you weird looks (aka me every time I eat a yoghurt and try to explain the person having lunch with me the behaviour of non-Newtonian liquids - don’t try this at home kids, it usually ends up with the other people being extremely clueless and lost).

3. It’s a lot of hard work, it’s not just memorising theories or understanding them, it’s BOTH. Which it’s really time consuming and can be very stressful and frustrating at time - actually, most of the time.

4. You might not be able to watch TV shows like Breaking Bad because laying in bed and watching it on Netflix almost feels like watching one of your organic synthesis lectures on Panopto, which is obviously not something I like to do for fun

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Thursday, 19 May 2016


You know what’s even worse than watching the very last episode of one of your favourite TV shows? Watching it without knowing it’s the very last one, and only finding out after you've watched it - you don't want to experience that, trust me. A few days ago the last episode of Castle aired and to say it was a rollercoaster of emotions is an understatement.

Let me start off by saying that I much prefer the ‘normal’ episodes, where there is just a  'normal' murder and they spend the whole 40min trying to figure out who the killer is. I don’t really like it when they complicate the plot and bring in people like 3XK or Loksat. I’m not 100% sure why that is but I think it’s because usually when people like this are introduced in the series, bad things happen to both Beckett and Castle. Nevertheless, I oddly enjoyed the episode… until I watched the last 10 minutes which almost give me a heart attack.


So the episode starts, as per usual, with a murder. However, it is soon found that Loksat is involved. I’m not going to explain the whole episode, as many of you have probably watched it or will watch it. The important bit is that, when Castle is told to wait in a safe room until they’ve caught the killer aka Loksat's right hand man (and so is Beckett), he ignores the orders and leaves the room, resulting in him getting kidnapped (surprise) by Loksat. Beckett also breaks her promise of staying in the Precinct, and is tricked into meeting with a man who is meant to help her - who turns out to be Loksat himself. Long story short they’re almost killed but make it out alive thanks to Beckett being a badass cop and Castle being brilliant as always.

Just when my heart attack risk had been lowered and I was watching what seemed to be a happy ending, I knew something bad was going to happen. It was a mixture of the music, the way the scene was shot and I guess instinct after watching 8 seasons of Castle. Turns out I was right and without even giving me time to react, Castle got shot and a bit after, when Kate goes to help him, she gets shot as well. And basically everyone in the room collapses to the floor (including me). That’s when tears started forming in my eyes because I thought they were BOTH dead. And I obviously couldn’t deal with it. Moments later, we see a clip from the future where they’re both happily alive, together and with cute children. 

Now, the ending was really cute and heart warming. Definitely the kind of ending I would have hoped for. However, it felt too rushed. I feel like there should have been at least one more episode to give a sense of closure or maybe a longer episode, which many TV shows do when it’s a season finale. But considering that it was only announced last week that there wouldn’t be a 9th season, I guess that’s the best they could do. All in all, I enjoyed the episode and got the happy ending I wanted, which is much better than the alternative ending -where Beckett dies- that we would have had if the show had been renewed for a 9th season. 

Did you watch the finale? What did you think?

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Monday, 16 May 2016


Recently I've discovered "Netflix's kid's section"  and I feel live I've done the greatest discovery of all times. Who cares about Grey's Anatomy or Gossip Girl? Rewatching all my favourites childhood Arab shows has honestly been my daily highlight during that past week - spent at my university's packed and wonderful library revising. 

I initially started watching them because the episodes were shorter than 'normal' TV shows and because I thought it would be great to take my mind off exams. Now I'm hooked. Here are some of my favourites.

Winx Club. I remember when I was about 8 and all I wanted was to be Bloom and be a super powerful and badass fairy with wings and a cute outfit. I still want to, to be honest. But I'm slightly more realistic now... 

Totally Spies. I don't even want to know how many hours I spent watching that show and dreaming of saving the world. And don't even get me started on their cool gadgets.

H2O Just add water. Once I got over the phase of wanting to be a fairy at all costs, I got obsessed with mermaids and it was almost impossible to get into a pool or into the sea without pretending I was a mythological creature. Even though I have to say Zayn is an absolute idiot.

Bratz. I never played with the actual dolls - I preferred Barbies - but when it came to TV Bratz was the one. And the movie was even better, they made high school look so cool and glamorous! 

Lizzie Mcguire. Lizzie knew the real struggles of high school, Lizzie understood. 

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Saturday, 14 May 2016


As most of you may know, a few days ago Instagram redesigned their logo and changed the layout of the app, something that caused a lot of drama online - and in my life. When my friend told me about the update, I fell in love with the new ‘all-white and clean’ layout and went on the App Store to update my app. After the update, the icon changed to the new one - which I totally detest - but, inside, the app was like the ‘old’ one. You can’t even imagine how sad that made me, even though that could also be because I was in the library revising a really boring module.

In an attempt to get the new layout (yes, I really wanted it. Don’t judge), I decided to delete the app and download it again. When I tapped ‘Download’ and a message popped up saying ‘Unable to download. Verify iCloud account’, my heart stopped for a second. When I found out that to unlock my iCloud account I had to enter my date of birth, which I had faked when I made the account because I was 12 and stupid, I almost cried. Long story short, I had to call Apple Support and, after a long conversation and having my identity verified, I was told I would receive an e-mail in 24 hours to change my password and unlock my account. This had happened to me before  (my password is clearly so good that not even I can remember it) and I could survive 24 hours without iCloud. BUT this time, it meant I had to wait 24 hours to install Instagram. My worst nightmare. So, if you’re going to take anything from that story: DO NOT lie about your date of birth, karma is a bitch and it will get you.

During those 24 hours where I was deprived of my main form of entertainment, I realised how much I use Instagram. I kept unlocking my phone, to then remember I didn’t have the app anymore. It really annoyed me, to the point where I’m almost positive I was having withdrawal symptoms. The impact it actually had on me - and my mood - was like a wake up call. It’s somewhat amazing how dependent we’ve become to social media and how much our life revolves around it. The phrase ‘if it’s not on *insert social media name*, it didn’t happen’ it’s sadly true nowadays. What happened to doing something because you truly enjoy it, what happened to going to concerts to enjoy the music and not spending the whole evening snapchatting the whole thing, what happened to not spending the whole dinner texting your friend. I am guilty of doing all these things, without even realising, and I want it to stop. I’m still going to post on Instagram almost every day and I’ll still send ugly snapchats and tweet about how much fun I am having at the library, but let’s put the phone aside when we’re out and let’s appreciate our surroundings. Let's not allow social media control our actions.

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Sunday, 8 May 2016


I love clothes, all types of clothes, but I’m especially into cool workout gear. For some reason I feel much more motivated when I go to the gym in clothes I like than when I go in plain boring black jeans and a white top - maybe it’s because I feel a bit like Khloe Kardashian... I recently received some beautiful clothes from Pink Soda Sport* (cool name, huh?) and I wanted to show you, because after reading this post you’ll either want to go gymming or go shopping - or both.

If you’ve never heard of Pink Soda Sport, they launched their first line in January and people like Lucy Watson and Lauren Pope were spotted wearing it, so you can imagine how fab it was. Their new collection is even better than their first one, featuring progressive styles from the debut collection’s best sellers and some new revolutionary pieces, with fun colour pops! You’re definitely bound to find something you love. If you don’t believe me, just take a look!

My favourite item from the collection are definitely the pink and black leggings. They are a bit cropped which makes them ideal for the spring weather and I totally love the black, white and pink detailing on the sides. They’re also so comfy that I reckon I’ll be wearing them around the house too, and not only to the gym.

I also got another pair of black and white leggings with mesh (so edgy!) and some running shorts, which have a pocket to keep your phone in! I don’t know if it’s the fact that I haven’t been running in a few weeks or that these shorts are so cute but as soon as I tried them on I really wanted to go for a run.

Finally, I got some tops and a sport bra. Sport bras are probably the best kind of bras, they’re so comfortable. However, I find that sometimes they’re a bit too thick which is annoying when it gets warmer. This one is a bit thinner, making it perfect to wear during spring and summer. The tops are both really flowy and thin which I love, as there is nothing I hate more than feeling sweaty and wearing a tight t-shirt.

Overall I’m super happy with these clothes. I’m not a bright colours lover but I do like a pop of colour on my workout clothes, I feel like it makes me want to work out more and makes me be more productive. Opening the package made want to put on the clothes and run to the gym, so I guess that’s a great sign of how much I love them!

If you're looking for good affordable working out clothes I would totally recommend Pink Soda Sport, (available to buy at JD Sports) their clothes are great quality, cute and have reasonable prices!

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Sunday, 1 May 2016


The fact is, barely anyone enjoys revision. Spending countless hours in your room or in the library memorising theories and equation that you’re likely to forget before the next school year starts is not my idea of fun, and it’s probably not yours either. However, it’s unavoidable and regardless of how boring and stressful it might be, we should all be grateful that we can get an education.

Today I’m going to share some tips that have helped me throughout the years to revise better and avoid any last minute cramming. If you have exams coming up, good luck! You can do it!

Turn off your phone. And your laptop too, unless you need it for revision. Even better, if you can, turn off your wifi. I find my phone extremely distracting when I’m revising and my willpower is pretty much on the floor right now, so I usually give my phone to my sister to keep it until I’m done revising for the day. This way I don’t get distracted by Instagram or Whatsapp, or any other social media platform.

Don’t eat too much. You obviously need to eat to have energy and to keep your brain alive, but eating too much will make you tired and sleepy, which is not what you want when you have a lot of work to get done.

Drink a lot. Avoid sugary drinks as they will make you hyper and it will be hard to concentrate. But keep your body hydrated and if you feel like you need some extra energy have a coffee (or two…)

Colour code your notes. This might not work for everyone, but I find it extremely difficult to study from plain boring notes. I need to add loads of colour and drawings to make the revision process a bit more fun. My notes probably look like they have been written by a toddler, not going to lie.

Hand write everything. It’s been proven that we learn more when we write something down in paper than we we type it on a Word document. If your notes are really long and you prefer not to do it by hand (totally understandable), try to do a summary or write down the hardest units.

Flashcards. If you do a science degree or if you’re studying sciences at school, I would recommend writing all the equations of a subject on a flashcard. This makes it much easier to revise the formulas and to make sure you know them all. They’re also great for summaries or definitions.

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