Wednesday, 16 March 2016


If what you want is to become a responsible adult and get your work done efficiently, I’m afraid this is the wrong post for you. We all like/hate to procrastinate. It’s safe to say 99% of us would much rather be watching a movie, reading a book ,hanging out with friends or doing something we truly enjoy than revising or doing homework. And whilst, yes, it’s important to be responsible and get our shit together. It’s also important to take a break, so I’m going to share with you my favourite ways to procrastinate.

Magazines. I love reading, I used to read a lot of books when I was in high school. Now, unfortunately, I don’t have a lot of free time and I only read a few books a year. I do love reading magazines. They take less time and, even though I don’t get as emotionally attached to them as I get to books -nothing will ever beat a good book-, they do provide me with some entertainment and inspiration. 

Cleaning. I cannot be the only one who genuinely enjoys organizing and cleaning my room. The satisfaction and pleasure I get from seeing a clean and perfectly neat bedroom is amazing and makes procrastination feel a bit less like procrastination.

Eating. I mean, who doesn’t like eating? Especially if it’s a red velvet cupcake from The Hummingbird Bakery.

Online Shopping. ONLINE SHOPPING IS DANGEROUS, like really dangerous, especially when your credit card information is already stored and you get presents magically delivered to your door with a simple click. Check out my favorite online stores, just helping a girl out here! 

Getting rid of hair. I know this sounds weird but by ‘getting rid of hair’ I mean waxing/shaving/doing your eyebrows. It’s something I usually dread but find incredibly entertaining when I should be revising.

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