Monday, 22 February 2016


For some strange reason, I really enjoy watching/reading ‘What I Ate Today/What I Eat in A Day’ articles or videos. If we think about it, it’s a bit weird and somewhat creepy. But it’s 2016 and stalking stopped being creepy a while ago - right?

Today I’m going to share with you what I eat on a regular day. I obviously don’t eat the same exact meal every day, I like to keep my life interesting. However, these are some of the dishes I eat more often or that I like the most - or that are more photogenic…


I usually have the same thing every morning: All-Bran flakes (I do actually like them, call me boring) with walnuts, banana or berries and almond milk. That day I didn’t have berries so I went for half a sliced banana. It might be weird but All-Bran flakes are actually my favorite cereal and they go really 
well with nuts.

For lunch I have something hearty as it’s my biggest meal of the day. That day I had one of my favourite dishes: chickpeas with roasted brussel sprouts and mushrooms, some diced tomato and a boiled egg. I then sprinkled some parmesan cheese on top and added some olive oil. I also like to add a bit of soy sauce when roasting the mushrooms and the brussel sprouts, as well as some organo (more like, loads) and some garlic powder.

It tastes so good and keeps me full for several hours. If you like chickpeas, you should try this, it’s amazing.

Finally, for dinner, I had some quinoa with broccoli, corn, mushrooms and tomato. I also added some olive oil and garlic to make it more tasty. Quinoa has slowly become one of my favourite foods. It’s not only healthier than pasta, but it’s also much tastier! (I still love pasta though, I’ve not gone crazy yet)

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