Monday, 25 January 2016


Let’s start this post with a statement: I love snow. I hate it when it’s cold, it rains or it hails. But I’m that person who get excited when the weather app says it’s going to snow in a few days. I’m also that person that on said day will be looking out the window every 5 minutes to see if it’s finally snowing. And I’m also that person who is really sad and disappointed when it’s the end of the day and snow is nowhere to be seen.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), I live in the UK where it’s rather warm for January and very far away from storm Jonas, which has hit cities like New York, Boston and Washington amongst others. That, however, doesn’t stop me from spending a bit too much time on Instagram and other platforms looking at pictures of white cities and several centimetres of snow. 

In an attempt to make my ‘waste’ of time somewhat productive, I put together my favourite pictures of the blizzard to share with you all. Obviously, none of these pictures were taken by me.

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