Friday, 15 January 2016

MY 2016 SO FAR


EXAMS ARE OVER! YAS! Yesterday, I took my last final and let me tell you something, freedom feels amazing. And with freedom comes time to blog so that makes it extra amazing. I've barely posted anything since Christmas so I thought it would be cool to do a post on how my 2016 is going so far.

I started the year with my friends and family so that was a pretty good start, it was probably one of my best NYEs. My friends and I decided to stay in our town instead of paying like 50€ to go to a random club and it was honestly the best idea we ever had. It was not only infinitely cheaper but so much more fun and we didn't have to rush pre drinks or anything. This way, I also got to spend more time with my friends and do stupid things with them which involved running around the house trying to find the best lightning for a selfie - Instagram game on point.

That was my first night out of 2016 and also my last one so far. After NYE I went all anti-social and revised like there was no tomorrow for my finals - if it doesn't pay off I'm suing my university for stealing my precious time with my friends and family.

In spite of the piles and piles of lecture notes I had to learn I managed to squeeze in a day or two of shopping and messing around in the city and took some pictures, as per usual. 









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