Thursday, 28 January 2016


Who doesn't like a good old haul? For some strange reason, I really enjoy watching or reading what other people have been buying recently. If you ask me, it's a bit strange how we sit down and watch a random girl show us what she's bought. Nevertheless, we like it so who cares. 

Over the last few weeks I've acquired quite a lot of new stuff because it's been Christmas, my birthday, the Three Kings and because whenever I go home and see the prices in Zara there, compared to the ones in London, I think I'm suddenly rich. Also, I seem to have a tendency to wear my favourite clothes so often that they literally break apart and need to get new things. Somehow, I managed to break my black jeans in less than 4 months. I deserve an award. 

Let's start with Christmas. I never really ask for anything anymore, but my mom always manages to surprise me and get me exactly what I wanted. This year I got the perfume I've been wanting for over a year - Chanel Chance Eau de Vive - and a black Longchamp tote bag. I also got a pyjama from Victoria's Secret -which makes me feel like like a VS angel - and a moisturiser also from Victoria's Secret. Technically, I also got the BalmainxH&M green suede clutch even though I bought that myself but I got it from the Spanish website since the English one was down the whole day when the collection launched. 

For my birthday I got the most amazing pair of camel booties. I feel like Harry Styles when I'm wearing them and they make any outfit look classy and bomb af. They are from Massimo Dutti and they are the love of my life.

When I was at home I bought some stuff from Zara, Mango and all these stores that are significantly cheaper in Spain. I bought a really cool pair of ripped denim jeans from Mango, a big white/beige super warm jumper -best purchase ever, specially now that it's absolutely freezing in London- and I also stole my mom's boots, which I think are from Mango. 

Also, everyone seems to know how obsessed I am with fluffy keychains so I got two, one for my birthday and one for Christmas. Unfortunately, the one from Fendi are £400 and, let's be real, who's going to pay that much for a keychain? Mine are both a bit less high end but equally fluffy and beautiful. The green one is from Pull&Bear and the pink one from H&M.

Finally, I stole my sister's Adidas Superstar and they are now my most worn pair of shoes.

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